St. Louis in the National Media

St. Louis references in the news. Oh yeah, don't forget our favorite "Top Lists."
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Not sure if this is the right thread for this (feel free to move if more appropriate elsewhere), but the Washington Post loved the current Pulitzer show: Is this the most beautiful show of the year?
'A hopeless place': St Louis workhouse denounced as a modern-day debtors' prison ... ors-prison
Technically in the International Media, but not for the best reasons:

The Economist: How do you police America’s most murderous city?
We're not the "most murderest city". Per capita - is BS. Chicago is America's Murder Capital in raw numbers and many others before the city. I am so sick of this slanted skewed BS.
Take a look at who falls at the second spot: ... -startups/
Great Forbes article and STL beating out even ATL in 3rd. Nice
Seems that Forbes loves St. Louis.

"In St. Louis, Landmarks Are Given New Life As Fine Hotels" ... 7fdb1926b9

It's a great article, but I do find it funny that you have to get halfway in before you find a picture of a building that wasn't a hotel in the first place. (Note: The half of the Union Station headhouse that is a hotel now was built as the Terminal Hotel. Small point, but . . . that was always a hotel. You can't read it in the picture, but it still says Terminal Hotel on the nearest arch. The train station started at about the round tower, more or less.)

Nothing on the author, here. He hits the conversions first and moves on to the refurbs later. It's just that Union Station is so darned photogenic. (For a building that's actually supremely difficult to photograph well.)

Anyway, the rehabs are great to see. And the rehabs of historic hotels as hotels? (Like Terminal, Lennox, Mayfair, Statler, Railroaders Y, and doubtless one or two others I'm forgetting.) Even better!
America’s Clergy Are Teaming Up With Scientists

In May 2015, S. Joshua Swamidass, a computational biologist at Washington University in St. Louis, received a curious email: would he like to try advising a theological seminary? ... cientists/
Well if that doesn't hit close to home. And leave me a bit sad and unsatisfied.
Here's an interesting little tidbit on rental housing construction: ... al-market/
Of course, high-salaried New York City and San Francisco renters would consider that a bargain. But this national figure also includes lower-than-average-income cities like St. Louis, Missouri, which happens to be the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. It built "nothing but high-end apartments in 2017," said the survey.
I can only assume they mean that we're fastest by apartment growth, since all accounts I've seen suggest the metro area is growing at it's usual sluggish rate by population. Interesting to get a somewhat back-handed compliment, even if it is a bit misleading at best.
I believe they are trying to cite this data: ... into-2018/

(but butchering the citation, of course)

This shows that St. Louis is #1 in the country in terms of share of high end apartments built, out of total apartments built. It basically means that all apartments built in 2017 (and most apts built in 2018) were high end. But this does not say anything about how many apartments are being built (in total) in St Louis vis-a-vis other cities.
St. Louis Aims to Deploy Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Kiosks by January 2019

The city has issued a request for proposals for the touchscreen kiosks, which will direct residents and tourists to points of interest and offer directions. ... ssion=true
^ That's interesting; good catch. I like that they're specifically including clauses to try and prevent a boondoggle in regards to the functionality of the kiosks.

Posted this quote from Jshank in the Lambert thread, but thought it could use a mention here as well:
St. Louis is the feature city in the Southwest Magazine this month. Really puts us in a good light, one of the better articles I have read about the city. Pages 50-69
Really a very well done article, and I just might have to go and find some of the places the author went to.
Saw this click-through listicle ranking the "Best Suburbs" (not sure what they're best in/for). Brentwood, Clayton & Richmond Heights all in the top 10 - Creve Coeur & Glendale in the top 50. ... p#image=50
^ Pretty good, but a couple quibbles. One, the City's population is about 500,000 less people then in 1950, not 100,000. While the Gateway Station is far from the opulence of Union Station, it's hardly a "shack."
Also, I think most Chinese immigrants have settled more closely to the area surrounding 170 and Olive, not the CWE.
^You can add to that that Union Station was never the largest in the world. It was large, but never largest. It might have been number two for a while, when it was second int he US only to New York's Grand Central Terminal. And it does have the largest train shed (Boston's South Station was nearly identical, but the shed there is gone) and had the most tracks on one level. (Grand Central uses two.) And to be fair, he might have missed the new station. It's pretty buried and the Amshack was there for a long long time. But the gist of the thing mostly feels sincere and the mistakes are those of someone who's heard too many over-eager tour guides. You have no idea how many times I heard that the McDonald's at UMC in Columbia was the busiest in the world or that Ellis was the largest library in the state or UMC the oldest college west of the Mississippi. (It's not even the oldest college in Columbia.) But it's still darn nice to hear someone from outside saying something nice. Especially talking up the cultural attractions.
Whoa, not sure if anyone is aware of this, but WorldWide Technology is running a #SiliconValleyinSTL ad campaign in New York and DC. In NYC, there is a digital billboard outside of Penn Station that displays the ad, and in DC it displays on the Capital One Arena.
Chalupas54 wrote:
Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:10 am
Whoa, not sure if anyone is aware of this, but WorldWide Technology is running a #SiliconValleyinSTL ad campaign in New York and DC. In NYC, there is a digital billboard outside of Penn Station that displays the ad, and in DC it displays on the Capital One Arena.
That's cool. I saw them in our airport but I didn't realize they were running them in other cities.
That is awesome. If anyone can snag a shot of that, would love to see it!
The Gateway Arch museum is up for best new attraction for 2018.

Rock the vote! ... tion-2018/