Retail Rally: What's Next For Downtown St. Louis?

New and changing stores, restaurants, and businesses in the City of St. Louis
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Great news!
Per Biz Journal, Dao Tien Bistro is moving from the UCity Olive strip to take over the old SanSai space. I wonder if in part due to the unease over the proposed Novus development.... U City is messing with a pretty good thing, imo.
STLrainbow wrote:
Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:15 am
Per Biz Journal, Dao Tien Bistro is moving from the UCity Olive strip to take over the old SanSai space. I wonder if in part due to the unease over the proposed Novus development.... U City is messing with a pretty good thing, imo.
SenSai actually did pretty well. I was surprised when they closed. It's a cool space with the weird historic details left over. I hope they can fix it up some.
Dao Tien is great too - really solid fried rice and noodle dishes, very nice staff... and if you are crazy, they'll make anything hotter than you can handle.
Great news and a smart move by Dao Tien. They should do well. It's a great space too.
Copia Wine Bar is expanding to Clayton and Des Peres. In the Business Journal article, the owner is quoted as saying he is doing this because "it was nothing more than survival" because "no one is going downtown like they used to." Also says he doesn't want to close downtown but may have to this year unless things drastically change. ... -wine.html
Nobody goes to Copia should be the wording. The place sucks and it’s 16,000 sq freaking feet + 8000 outside, You could have a 100 people in there and it feel empty because everyone gets 240 sq feet or a large bedroom to themselves
Dao Tien is indeed great. Glad to see them downtown!
According to someone at Dao Tien, they are NOT leaving U City. The downtown restaurant will be a second location.
5 restaurants set to open this month downtown, per STL Mag. And at least one opened last month and several more set to open after July. ... june-2018/

This list does not count whatever is going on with the Center Cafe at the old Metro space at the Convention Center.
Nice. Looking good.

I feel like it's only a matter of time until Guerrilla Street Food expands to Downtown, too. Though, logically, I imagine they would pop one open in the county somewhere.
STLrainbow wrote:
Fri May 11, 2018 2:28 pm
Hopefully some good news coming to Wash Ave.... the Manofsky Shoe building that hasn't been contributing to WashAve street activity recently was sold and is undergoing a bit of renovation. Looks like they are leasing the basement and first floor for retail and second flood for office.


Looks like the first floor may have a restaurant coming but it'd be great if some other retail that could compliment adjacent Star Clipper could come, too. Record shop or STL-Style downtown location would be great!
Per biz journal sub article, Red Oak Biscuits owner will be opening a new restaurant in one space and an event hall in another; not sure if more space is still available for lease. ... ncept.html
“This is a neighborhood that’s at the tipping point,” Schulze said. “We want to contribute where we can.”
That's awesome! I also can't believe I've never heard of that place yet. Definitely stopping in for breakfast or brunch soon.
Red Oak is great. ive been there 2 dozen times since moving to downtown in August.
Derek is a great person, lives downtown and is investing in downtown
Wash Ave Post Closing.

I used to live by this place when I lived downtown. Sad to see it go ... doors.html

Sidenote: I went to Red Oak over the weekend because of the biz journal article. I thought it was really good. I will be back for sure. It was a great weekend to use their outdoor tables.
^ if I read that right they hope to sell what they say is a profitable biz.... hopefully that happens.
^ but why pay for it, when you can just let them close in August and get the place for free in September and name it Wash Ave Shop

i think the real issue was that the landlord wanted a major rent hike...same thing happened to a successful salon 13th & Wa, which was as the name indicates at 13th and Washington, wanted $2000 more a month so they moved to Tucker above Asia Gourmet (across the street from Jeff Arms)
Erm... yeah. We aren't LA or NYC or Chicago. I can't believe there are landlords who are gouging their tenants. How does anyone ever expect to be able to reasonably make a good living in a small business venture with lease rates like that?

One just wonders, why oh why, Dubliner's is still vacant. Are the price hikes pretty commonplace around Downtown?
Rent was not a factor in Wash Post closing. They simply are done running a profitable business.

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Knickerbocker ground floor and Wash Ave Post building are not the same owners.
Chris Sommers to reopen Gringo in old Robust space at MX. ... user-share