Cherokee street retail development

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
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South City Art Supply is moving to 4532 Olive in the CWE: ... 502222554/
Well, that's probably a good move for them as it will put them closer to a lot of art students, but it's a bit of a personal bummer as it puts them a good bit further from me. And I was just beginning to go in there. I don't doubt they'll be a good fit and they'll do good things in the neighborhood. I do hope someone worthwhile picks up their building, as it's a great location and a neat old building.
their old building on cherokee just sold, not sure to whom.
I’m confused about the statement the owners made. They say they are moving to the central corridor and dropping south city from their name to “correct a mistake” among other things. Are they implying that choosing to locate your business in south city and referencing south city in your name is bad, provincial or even racist? I understand if they want to move purely because they think the new location will increase sales, but I’m curious if they are implying something worse about south city in general.
Hm. I didn't read it that way. Here is the release: ... 502222554/

From what I read they enjoyed their time on Cherokee and have learned a lot about the biz and, in opening up a new shop, will be able to do things better than the first time and with more room and supplies that they have discovered their customers want.

Dropping 'South' made sense because the new space isn't in South City and reflects their goals to become a citywide/region destination.
I've stopped at the counter and yakked a few times myself and the owners always seemed pretty upbeat on St. Louis in general and Cherokee in particular. I believe they live nearby, and I expect that will remain true even after the move. I have a hard time imagining they mean anything negative by the statement, name change, or move. I expect they'd much prefer to be properly accessible. If there's a mistake it's that the second floor wasn't, really. Space and budgetary constraints of an old building, I would guess, but something I wouldn't doubt they'd like to correct. And being more central to more people, and closer to more art students will almost certainly be a good move for them.
Damn that trolley! Oh wait

RFT - Cherokee Street Record Shop Kismet Creative Center Is Closing Its Doors ... -its-doors
"She said, 'If they ask how you feel about it, tell them I'm pissed because people in the area and outside the area are more interested in craft beers than in actual crafts.'"

honestly, i never had any idea what this place was. had no idea they hosted shows. wish i had.

frankly, though, i'm pretty burnt out on the a-bunch-of-random-junk-crammed-into-a-room-with-exposed-brick type shops that litter St. Louis. maybe i'm just getting old but i'm over the grit chic thing. not saying i want strip malls or big boxes, but i'm more drawn to businesses with a clean, modern look these days.