Landing Development

The design competition and remake of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, AKA the Arch grounds.
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I went to the open house today. It was really nice. I don't know who renovated the Cutlery Building (612 N. Second) but it was done extremely well. The fifth floor venue space offered great views of Downtown, the Arch, the Landing and the River. It mazes me that no residential building was on the landing till this summer. I talked tot he man at the Greenway table about the new pocket park and he says, "It will be a great investment into the Landing. It will be a new meeting place to start an adventure and with nearby attractions and transit, it makes it even better". He then went on to say, "People can relax and enjoy the scenery or listen to small concerts that we hope to host after the Katherine Burg Garden opens in the Fall of 2019". I kept a smart ass comment to myself about the park. I was going to say it was redundant to have so close to the Arch and that this small half acre park won't even be connected to the grand Riverfront plan they have for years. As STLEnginerd put above, the site of the park would be better off being a mixed use building. Wasn't this where the Switzer building sued to be?

In other words, the owner of the Lumberjack axe throwing bar said that funding is in place to connect Lucas to Downtown and to the Landing, so we should be hearing more on that soon. It is also great to see businesses moving back into the Landing, two are being worked on and one recently opened. I still see Laclede's Landing getting really dense in a couple years especially if 618 and 700 North 2nd are converted into Lofts. Demand for new buildings is there but existing structures must be dealt with first, and that's what's happening.

My blog post on my website include photos and views from tonight's Open House. Each one has a caption so you kow what you are looking at. ... -boom-mode
I had planned on going and at least asking why they couldn't trouble themselves to respond to my email, or ask why the park couldn't be moved to the lot immediately east. Unfortunately, work got in the way. I'll probably send them another e-mail next week; it's just frustrating. They could at least design it so it extends all the way to LKS instead of just having a dead patch of grass. It might be better if they can get someone to take the cast iron storefront remnants from that next lot. Maybe City Museum would want them.

One lady who tends to the feral cats on this lot says a lot of people have tried to steal them before, but, shockingly, they're too damn heavy. Also, maybe this park is an answer to the feral cat park currently there lol. I can't believe the property owner has put up with that for so long.
bwcrow1s wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:49 am
Also, maybe this park is an answer to the feral cat park currently there lol. I can't believe the property owner has put up with that for so long.
Supposedly they're being trapped and relocated. I know I've seen fewer of them the last couple times (one or zero), but I guess they could just be all chilling under the ironworks and such.

The landing badly needs some sidewalk improvements. In addition to the failing brickwork, at some point a bunch of street trees were put in so that they occupy the entire width. It's like the sidewalk furniture zone, with no walking zone.
Hard Rock Cafe will no longer be at the Union Station anymore & apparently they are going to look at other locations which i think Hard Rock Cafe would fit perfectly in the Landing or Jeff Arms Wash Ave and or possibly Railway Exchange but i think the Landing would be perfect close to the Arch Casino & river..
That could be a good fit. Is the Planet Hollywood gone? Alternately something on Washington to put them near the Blues museum. Add some crossover.
Depends on if they're wanting to relocate somewhere else in the city or if they want to flee to a suburb, I suppose. Don't think they specified at all (could be wrong; didn't really delve into any of the articles about it myself).
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