New Life in the Grove....

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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^ It's the NE corner. Both the church property and the vacant lot just to the north by the roundabout.

Edit... also that loading dock facility just to the east of the church.
RFT - How a Kid From Colorado Turned a $1,000 LRA Home Into a South City Jewel ... city-jewel
Great article about how long-time Forest Park Southeast residents are adapting to gentrification, helping out their neighbors, and promoting healthy eating: ... 0f088.html


I didn't realize how many retail bays are in the Chroma. Apparently all are leased besides 7 and 8.

^^ guess that means no grocery? Good news though!
^ we're kind of at a weird point where there's significant retail waiting to be announced.... Chroma, Foundry Phase 1. Armory, BPV, etc. As for grocery for the Greater Cortex area, perhaps we'll have to keep an eye on whether the plan for one on Forest Park Ave as part of the Foundry project is a go.
Syrian restaurant coming soon to the old Erny's spot at Manchester & Boyle and a fancy juice bar coming to the rehab on Chouteau and Newstead.
Running Niche opens in that small space on Manchester. Looks like a great place to purchase running/tennis shoes!
Park Central May 30 Agenda

Two attached homes on Swan
BBQ at 4156 Manchester
Home on 4200 Gibson

A Raising Cane's at Vandeventer and Gratiot
2,913 sf proposed building on 31,558 sf lot
Interesting that the billboard has an easement constraining height here.
Really $4.225M? Wow
"Park Central recommends that the committee consider support of the project due to the life safety issue presented by repositioning the drive thru and building for this project. "
What' i the life safety issue? ... -30-18.pdf
I'm really not sure.
Greater Goods office project moving forward on Chouteau: ... -park.html

^ it also looks like that Spencer Development project at 4101 Manchester is still in track... was under review yesterday by neighborhood committee.

And the Social Affair catering company has outgrown its space in the old Shaw gas station and will be moving to Manchester just off Tower Grove Ave and putting a second floor up top. ... the-grove/
More info on the Greater Goods project: ... station-g/

Vista Place website
quincunx wrote:
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:26 pm
Vista Place website
In general I am put off by buildings that don't present their primary facades to the street / sidewalk. It betrays a certain attitude towards the community and City. And that fenced compound....... :roll:
Any updates on the Gill's project on Arco at Manchester?
A sign it's making progress methinks

4227 ARCO AV

FOREST PARK SOUTHWEST 07/31/2018 08/14/2018 07/31/2018 AV $300.00 Tap destroy
FOREST PARK SOUTHWEST Demolition 06/27/2018 08/15/2018 $5,000.00 WRECK 2 STORY 2 FAMILY BRICK HOUSE

4235 ARCO AV

FOREST PARK SOUTHEAST RESTORATION LL 07/31/2018 08/10/2018 07/31/2018 AV $300.00 Tap destroy
Might or might not be right thread but it looks like Wash U just picked up some more property in FPSE as per biz journals. ... heast.html

The Washington University School of Medicine has purchased nearly 8 acres of space from Swan Properties LLC in Forest Park Southeast.
Ronald McDonald House Coming to FPSE

Image ... g-to-fpse/
Demo for Ronald McDonald House is on the Preservation Board agenda
Not sure if this means anything, but I saw construction workers yesterday taking what seemed to be soil samples (with a pretty tall drill) on the multiple empty lots across from Urban Chestnut - just to the west of the 4400 Manchester - anyone heard anything about that lately?
Looks like Restoration St Louis owns 4424, 4428, 4432, 4438, 4440 Manchester