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RFT - A St. Louis Judge Gave Walter Kemp Probation. Then He Killed Again ... lled-again
One of the city officials was touting on the news this week the dramatic decrease in the number of incarcerated over the past couple of years. I personally wondered if thats something they should truly be proud of.
Also sobering report about cruising in the city..... ... hborhoods/
^Someone just sent me a link to this story. Automatic weapon fire into the air for kicks I'd imagine happens on some kind of regular basis in the neglected parts of most all major cities in the US. But this one strikes me as an outlier due to the casualness of the shooters - walking around casually with automatic weapons, shooting them off and then just standing around - and also the amount of activity in the area of the shooting (a busy gas station).

I'm not sure I've ever seen video like this in the US. Somalia, sure, but I cannot recall in the US.
Cruising is a strange way to refer to it, by the portion of the activity that's legal and not at all out of the ordinary nor alarming.
On an optimistic note, looks like homicides are down 8% of the year thus far and there hasn't been a big surge in killings this summer. Both violent and property crime are down so things seem to be improving modestly, while a lot of the numbers still leave a lot to be desired.
Yeah - hopefully with all of the residential influx we can get both a reduction in crime and positive net for the city and get on a nicer trend for both of these.
Bodycams worn by police can be hacked

Josh Mitchell, a consultant at the security firm Nuix, analyzed five body camera models from five different companies: Vievu, Patrol Eyes, Fire Cam, Digital Ally, and CeeSc. The companies all market their devices to law enforcement groups around the US...

In all but the Digital Ally device, the vulnerabilities would allow an attacker to download footage off a camera, edit things out or potentially make more intricate modifications, and then re-upload it, leaving no indication of the change. Or an attacker could simply delete footage they don't want law enforcement to have...

Additionally, Mitchell says that some of the more sophisticated models, which contain radios for Bluetooth or cellular data connectivity, also have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to remotely stream live footage off the cameras, or to modify, add, and delete the footage stored on the devices...

Then, when the camera connects to a PC for syncing, it could deliver all sorts of malicious code: a Windows exploit that could ultimately allow an attacker to gain remote access to the police network, ransomware to spread across the network and lock everything down, a worm that infiltrates the department's evidence servers and deletes everything, or even cryptojacking software to mine cryptocurrency using police computing resources...

"These are full-feature computers walking around on your chest, and they have all of the issues that go along with that."
Murder right outside the Mark Twain hotel during lunch hour today.

" Police are involved in a homicide investigation at 9th and Pine late Friday morning. A man was shot and killed before noon near the City Garden St. Louis in the middle of the business district.

The shooting occurred outside of a bicycle police patrol station. Officers heard gunshots outside and encountered an armed suspect. They were able to take him into custody shortly after the shooting. They also discovered the body of a man near the scene.

Police say the two men frequent the Mark Twain hotel. It is known as a safe haven for transients. The men were arguing over another acquaintance when the shooting broke out." ... -district/
Not saying these people had felony records (the news was silent about it as of this writing), but this was the situation four years ago:
In early February Harris quietly instructed the building's management to no longer consider applications from prospective tenants with felony convictions. That goes for those on the state or federal sex-offender registries as well — guys like C.J.'s husband. Management isn't kicking out current tenants, but recently released convicts with serious records can no longer turn here. ... t-troubled

I'm curious if that's still the policy and if issues with tenants have otherwise been improving since that time.
West End Word - Man Guilty In 2016 Murder Of Central West End Woman
Xavier Perkins, 20, of O'Fallon, Missouri

Dixon, 20, of O'Fallon, pleaded guilty

Harris, 21, who lives near O'Fallon, Missouri, and Stabler, 19, of the city of St. Louis ... Woman.html
quincunx wrote:
Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:02 pm
West End Word - Man Guilty In 2016 Murder Of Central West End Woman
Xavier Perkins, 20, of O'Fallon, Missouri

Dixon, 20, of O'Fallon, pleaded guilty

Harris, 21, who lives near O'Fallon, Missouri, and Stabler, 19, of the city of St. Louis ... Woman.html
Sounds like I-64 needs more police presence, as thugs from O'Fallon are using it to quickly come in and commit murders and leave.
Can you believe you can get on the highways without paying something! Criminals can come and go as they please! Tolls now!
More criminals accessing the city with impunity via highways.

52,000 tires, thanks drivers.

Stltoday - Caught on camera: Look who the city nailed when it went after illegal dumpers
The cameras have led to 18 guilty pleas this year, including two by Ray Huffman, a contractor from Bonne Terre, Mo., a town about an hour south of St. Louis.

All but three of those who admitted to wrongdoing live outside the city of St. Louis.

“When you’ve got people from other jurisdictions coming here doing this, we’re sick of that,” said Matt Moak, a city attorney working on the initiative to stop illegal dumping.
In fiscal year 2017, residents dropped off 9,000 tons of refuse at the two city dumps. By comparison, city departments led by the forestry division picked up 22,000 tons of illegally dumped items. That does not include the 52,000 tires that have to be disposed of separately. ... 24c3a.html