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symphonicpoet wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:41 am
They do lose their license from time to time. Maybe sometimes they should. Other times it's really just pressure from folks that look different.

Further, small sample statistics don't really mean anything. It was the second shooting near the bar. This one was purportedly related to a dispute that began inside. If the bar knows what's good for them they'll keep the instigators out in the future. (For their own sake as well as others.) Was the first shooting related to the bar? I rather thought that one had been a driveby, which would make it really hard to pinpoint just who the trouble makers were. If the management is genuinely doing something wrong close it down. But there's not enough in this story for me to get that impression. And I'm very much of the impression that other things having nothing to do with the safe operation of a club can come into play.
Would you hold this position if it were a biker bar?
If there were multiple shootings at a biker bar next to my building, literally next to the parking lot of my building like the 4 shootings on Locust in the last few months (found a few shells walking my dog around there) I would be for both closing.
Shell casings from the last incident on Locust:

^Wow, do they start with a maker that says "#1" on it???
BellaVilla wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:16 am
Would you hold this position if it were a biker bar?
Yes, I absolutely would.
A veteran black officer teaches police how not to kill people ... ll-people/
Violent crime down 11% this year, Property crime down 7%, but Homicides up from 32 to 40 with 12 in March alone.
^ I think you were looking at the March '18 compared to March '17 for those numbers; The drop through the 1Q was not quite as much

As for homicides, not just in the City but area-wide it seems like we've been hit with a lot of domestic killings this year... they're all sad but some of these like the infanticide were really tough to take. Just this weekend a guy shot his estranged wife and then himself in a car in a JeffCo parking lot with three kids in the back. I think she may have survived but how awful.

In other news, earlier this week some Lemay area hoosiers were caught stealing meat from Salt + Smoke and were dubbed the "Brisket Bandits." Now that's the kind of crime we can laugh a bit about.
^How cool is is that Reddit Hudson juts posted the above link from Reddit!!!

SLU hoops legend!
"A nightclub just west of downtown where two separate shootings injured several people in recent weeks will close temporarily until it meets security measures prescribed by city officials." ... cbc11.html
KMOV - 3 arrested in connection with a string of car break-ins near Downtown ... r-downtown