The Delmar Loop: Retail

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects within St. Louis County, including Chesterfield, Riverport, Earth City, Westport and more.
I think that eyeglass place finally opened too.
It ticks me off how the RFT tries to perpetuate the myth that the Loop businesses are in decline due to the trolley.

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MO DoR finally put out taxable sales and use reports for all of 2017
The Loop Trolley TDD has been about level for the last 4 years
Indexed with CPI:
2014 81.44M
2015 82.31M 1.07%
2016 81.77M -0.65%
2017 81.47M -0.37%
Just really weird to me that St. Louis can't keep a place like Phoenix Rising in business. It seems like every other city has at least one kitschy card and nick-nack place. Richmond, VA has an amazing, long-lived place named Mongrel in their Loop-like district (Carytown) that I always wished Phoenix would emulate. Cheap Trix on Grand used to be decent but they cater more to the LGBTQ pop and their size/selection is half what it used to be. What is it about St. Louis that places like this just don't exist? Is there ANY other place like Phoenix Rising in St. Louis?
^That’s really a shame. The owner has some pretty clear and thoughtful reflections on the state of the Loop - from an owners perspective - in the RFT article.
RFT - Phoenix Rising, the Coolest Shop in the Loop for 26 Years, Is Closing ... is-closing
Could the RFT count up how many businesses closed due to highways? Urban renewal?
The Wellston Loop doesn't have a Trolley. How is it doing?

Maybe building housing on Harvard school, the lot with the trailer-home PD station, and the precious free gov't-cheese parking that were opposed would help.
Taxable sales and use has been flat. It'd be interesting to see this broken out retail, restaurant etc.