The Delmar Loop: Retail

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wabash wrote:From the KSDK article: "The Delmar Loop has seen several restaurants close in the last few months, including Snarf’s – which relocated out of the area."

Snarf's newest location is 5 blocks away. It's definitely not in the Loop, but "out of the area" is a bit of a stretch.

Nonetheless, unfortunate to see another business go. And, not that it would have made a difference in this instance, but the damn trolley really needs to get up and running. It's a farce and embarrassment at this point.
How w many businesses have opened in the same time frame? How many businesses are doing better than before?

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aprice wrote:
Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:11 am
Is this the location on Skinker? I'm pretty sure both locations were open simultaneously for a year or two. I always thought it was weird how close they were.
I also thought it odd. And the shop on Skinker offers a way nicer dining experience.

The Loop does seem to have a troubling number of vacancies at the moment, though. I think it just needs to transition a bit more from "entertainment destination" to "neighborhood". Hopefully some of this new construction will move it in that direction (in spite of the tourist trolley).

By the way, is the brewery thing still happening in the old Soul and Blues building? Seems like it's been a couple of years since it was announced.
Wish Mo Dept of Rev would update its taxable sales/use to include Q3 and Q4 of last year so we could see how the Loop Trolley TDD is doing. Wonder what the delay is.

A help would be more people living nearby. But Loop biz didn't want the parking lot behind the former Cicero's built on and replaced with structured parking because patrons are afraid of structured parking and residents didn't want the former school building replaced and present site of the temporary Police HQ built upon.
urban_dilettante wrote: By the way, is the brewery thing still happening in the old Soul and Blues building? Seems like it's been a couple of years since it was announced.
The Hopcat Facebook page says they’re targeting a June opening.
One project that I don't think has been mentioned on UrbanSTL so far is the ongoing rehab of the Castlereigh apartment building on Delmar just west Kingsland. I believe Wash. U. owns the building, but not positive. Seems like it has been under construction for a year at least, so it must've been due for a major upgrade. I wonder why there hasn't been more buzz about this project. I remember visiting a friend who lived there about 12 years ago- I always loved the building and the lobby was beautiful and grand.
Loop Living is going out of business. Big liquidation sale. Another one bites the dust.
^ hey, at least there's still 37 hookah/smoke/vape places and 25 candy shops.

(actually 23 i guess 'cause Miss M's and Rocket Fizz are both gone.)
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to play into this "woah to the loop" crap the media tends to report every 6 months every time a store or restaurant closes. Why aren't they reporting the closings along Olive in Creve Coeur or Chesterfield Mall or Chesterfield outlets or Clayton closings?

The loop has had standards like Fitz's, Blueberry Hill, The Melting Pot, Starbucks, every type of Gyro, Thai, Chinese, Pizza, sandwich joints blah blah blah and isn't "hard up" for somewhere to eat along the strip. There are plenty of places to indulge in entertainment from movies to live theatre to concerts and music halls. We have walked along the strip when it is packed on a Friday and Saturday night and most of the shops (like Loop Living - Good Works years ago - and Miss M's) are all closed at 5:00pm - sorry folks - you need to focus on your demos and your busy hours to make a buck. If I have a shop - paying loop rents - on the strip and I want it to succeed - I would be open in the evenings (especially FRI and SAT eves late). Miss M's moved into a primo location in Grand Center - every evening that district is crawling with theatre / concert goers before the shows and many a time I would have stopped into Miss M's for a litte candy to take into the theatre or browse and buy something before or after the show... and yet Miss M's is black and closed at 5 even on Sat and Sun when there are tons of people just milling around - especially college kids. The old City Diner - and then Diner at the Fox was closed most evenings if it wasn't the weekend EVEN though there are shows every night of the week. I just cannot boo hoo business owners who boo hoo when they have to close their doors - but are never open for the crowds (because they are unwilling to staff or staff themselves during those times. I'm a small biz owner and I work all the time and willing to work when the I know the crowds are there. It makes no sense to me. Can you imagine walking down Times Square and all the gift shops and little restaurants are closed during theatre times? If you were a small restaurant in a lively evening district - wouldn't you woo patrons in with special pre-fix theatre dinners and after theatre cocktails? Pre-theatre Candy Store specials or come and browse? Grand Centeris filled with people just waiting for theatre doors to open and peeking into the windows of Miss M's and others.

Snarf's is one of the worse organized sandwich shops ever. The downtown store is not friendly ever and to say they "moved out of the area" is ridiculous... how about saying they had two stores in the loop and decided to concentrate on one.

Dough-acracy is "closing" kindof... in fact they (the owners/co owner) are planning ANOTHER style restaurant for the same storefront location.
From the article in the paper:
Co-owner Mimi Hurwitz says the restaurant will be open through Sunday, though it's not clear how late or how many items will be left by the end. She says she believes there may be good news for the pizzeria's storefront in the coming months. "I am hopeful and feel very positive that we've got a party that's extremely interested in the space to do their own concept," she says. "I'm very optimistic that this won't become another vacancy in the Loop."
She is betting that their "new concept" will take off better. They only have another location in Geneva, IL (??? wherever that is). This storefront will open back up by May or June at latest with another concept she is pushing.

Doughacracy had marginal Yelp reviews and was fast food pizza up against Loop long-stays for good Pizza:
Pi Pizza
Tavolo V (on Big Bend but close)
BlueBerry Hill
Pizza by the Slice (Provisions)

Anyway, I get so sick of this type of news. Is it "really" news if a place is closing just after a few years of biz? If that is the case maybe the "news" needs to cover all closings/openings in every district and suburb of the metro area. This is why STL has this "whoa to us" attitude that just gets old and drives people away from STL and the region as a whole.

Tell KSDK (I did) what you think of this crap ass, negative non-news and you're sick of it too!
^Good rant. I agree with all of it. Except the interesting idea (fantasy?) that Blueberry Hill has pizza. Also, isn't Tavolo V on Delmar?
I think he meant Domino's on Big Bend
Anyone tried Guerrilla Streetfood?
I agree Matguy. Well said

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The Karaoke bar is open
^Well played. Maybe we don't notice those since we skim past stories that are peripheral to us and most of us are city folks. (Many. Maybe. At least of the louder of us. Died in the wool and proud.)
However , none of those reports are on the major television news as feature reports as the loop gets all the time.
In addition, none of those say Creve Coeur and Chesterfield are "taking a hit", "downturn", "another is closing", "failing" to name just a few words described in the tv loop "news".
None of the reports say that Chestefield and Creve Coeur are taking hits, in a downturn, failing....because they’re not. Both of those municipalities are thriving. The lost retail sales of Chestefield Mall have been picked up in the Valley. So not much of a story there other than “what’s next for the Chestefield Mall site?”

Delmar Loop is in a transitional period which I think is a very good thing long term. It opens up space for better local concepts (like Guerrila Street Food) and brings the rents down. The rents landlord’s are seeking in the Delmar Loop is excessive and unsustainable. McArthurs was paying like $38 psf + NNNs. For the old Cicero’s, despite its large size, the Landlord (at least initially) was quoting $40 psf + NNNs. Craziness.

If “Market Rents” come down to low to mid $20’s + NNNs, you’ll see more great concepts come to the Delmar Loop which will quickly turn the Delmar Loop around. Don’t get me wrong, there’s already great businesses like Privado, Publico, Seoul Taco, Mission Taco, Blueprint, Fitz’s, Salt and Smoke, and so it’s already a fantastic market. But to get to the next level that everyone desires, just need to fill those vacancies with better concepts.
RFT - Rocket Fizz Is Again Open in the Loop Under New Ownership ... -ownership
But wait... Channel 5 hasn't covered that.

It obviously is reopening due to the trolley coming.
KSDK Channel 5 did last night.
quincunx wrote:
Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:02 pm
KSDK Channel 5 did last night.
It's easier playing victim.
KSDK - Can't find anything on that.
If only they posted their full newscasts online.
The Baked Bear, a San Diego based chain, opening soon next to Pi. Features oversized ice cream sandwiches according to Biz Journal.
Hopcat opens this Saturday.
Went to HopCat Wednesday night. Looked well put together. They were very busy, slow due to that and working out bugs since newly opened. The back patio was a nice refuge. A change from sidewalk dining without the auto, bike, ped traffic going through. I get that that is can be a part of the experience, but being away from that made for a pleasant ambiance.

Check it out!