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Hello everyone:

Just got a job in St. Louis and currently looking for a place to buy/live. Still feeling different places out and will be asking questions here.

Glad we found this place and look forward to learning about the area!
^ congrats! you coming to St. Louis from near or far?
Welcome, MTBE!

By the way, after 10 years on the east coast and in the mountain west I'm finally moving back to St. Louis at the end of January!
^ awesome! gotta a place nailed down?
Hi Everyone!

Long time lurker, first time poster. STL native. Lived a stones-throw from Forest park for last 10 years.

A recent undertaking of mine has been to improve the St. Louis Wikipedia page, as well as some neighborhood articles (e.g. Delmar Loop). I might be PMing you if I want to borrow your photos/media. Also I made stuff like this and this.

I look forward to contributing.
^ good stuff. look forward to you contributing!
hello, everyone

I had not seen this group before or else I probably would have joined a long time ago.

Lived in St Louis almost all my life. City resident and proud of it.

Go Cards! Go Blues! Toasted ravioli tastes good! There, are my credentials settled? :)

Interested mostly in urban development, neighborhood renewal, and railing against people who deride the City now but will be all in when(if) the City becomes a more profitable place to live and do business years down the road. Not a big fan of those who let others do the heavy lifting and then come in and scoop eagerly from the well of prosperity.

I promise not to be too argumentative, but I do have my opinions and I am not afraid to share them.
Guess I should add myself as well to this thread. Joined this forum beginning of last year

Born/raised in STL my entire life. 4th generation Hill neighborhood resident and bringing a 5th generation this year with my daughter.

Love the city and love seeing residential development in the city. Hopefully population in the city will increase during my lifetime (crossing fingers for 2020 census).
Yeah, all right. I never did introduce myself either. Child of Bevo involuntarily moved to the C***** for a time. Lived in Columbia MO for the next quarter century. And now I'm back and live down in the Vide Poche; more recently known as Carondelet. Proud son of the city once called Pain Court. (I like that. I'm with Slay. We ought to bring it back at least informally and every once in a while. We had no bread then. Some of us have no bread now.) Anyway . . . composer, poet, and roustabout happy to be back home.
Greetings from Mid-Missouri!

No worries, I was properly born and raised in Saint Louis.

I was a long time reader and lurker on this site. It has been an invaluable tool and resource for years. While I still do not get all the airport codes instantly nor the details of zoning law, my focus drifts towards the "look" and impression of things (human scale architecture, sidewalk design, even litter on the road).

I am a historian by trade, Lutheran by faith, and flag design nerd by choice.

Thank you to everyone on this site for their work over the years and in the future!
^ ^^ ^^^

Welcome everyone - great to have some new forum members here!
I'm not sure pilots get all the airport codes immediately. There are, after all, three flavors of the things domestically, and they don't quite always match up well. (Especially when you start talking overseas.) How do ZSPD and PVG relate to one another, exactly? There's a P in both, I guess. But anyway, welcome aboard. :)
Hey everyone,
Sorry for the autobiography but it shapes my view on St. Louis (and cities in general) a lot.
I'm from Fulton, MO, my parents are both from North County. I went to college in Springfield, MO, spent the Summer of 2013 in STL for an internship, moved back to STL after college in August of 2014, moved downtown in December of 2014. I've been car free in St. Louis for the past year, a personal goal I set for myself in 2012.

I'm late to this party specifically but some of you may have already seen my annoyance on Twitter. I'm a young architect, wannabe urban/transportation planner, karaoke singer, and classic rock enthusiast.

Hey guys,

Nice meeting you all. Thanks for accepting me to the forum. Looking for a great time of discussions, learning and lot more.
Cheers! :D :)

Thank you.
Welcome, driftking! Hope you enjoy this place. :)
driftking wrote:
Fri May 05, 2017 1:49 am
Hey guys,

Nice meeting you all. Thanks for accepting me to the forum. Looking for a great time of discussions, learning and lot more.
Cheers! :D :)

Thank you.
Welcome sir, happy to have you on board!.

And if you can drift the 3500 in your avatar, you really are a drift king (and I'd pay to watch...)

I don't think I've ever introduced myself, but I've been on the forum for a while now. I'm a lifelong St. Louisan, raised in South County but have lived in the City for the better part of a decade now, and hope to never leave. First lived in SW City but moved to TGS. I'm a huge City booster and firmly believe that even City residents sell this place short and under appreciate the great things we have and the progress we've made. Family and friends from bigger cities marvel at our awesome housing stock for example. Once the City gets a healthy dose of optimism and starts taking chances on itself we will move to the next level.
How right you are, SouthCityJR. We get enough folks talking trash about us from outside, it's time we sit back, relax, and enjoy what we've got like a fine drink on the front porch.
New member here. My wife and I will be joining the ranks of St. Louis city dwellers soon (though just by a literal stone's throw since we'll be residing in the border neighborhood of Wydown-Skinker). I grew up in rural Missouri though within St. Louis's cultural orbit--it's called soda, not pop!--and geographically near enough that St. Louis is my most-visited city. I've spent about half of the past 8 years abroad and about half in DC, but as a software developer I have the opportunity to work remotely, hence the move that will bring me closer to family.
Welcome! Or maybe welcome back. :)
Hello, everyone! Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online urban community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!
Hey guys!

Pretty new to the forum. I'm Devon. I moved here to St. Louis from Toronto around one year ago. I currently live in The Grove.

Excited to contribute to the forum!
Welcome to STL both of you!
KenFulton wrote: Hello, everyone!
Devon wrote: Hey guys!
. . .

Welcome to you both, gentlemen. Hope you enjoy the forum, but even more so, hope you have a good time in town. If you find yourself in need of things to do I'm sure there are folks as can make recommendations. The Botanical Garden is generally the first place I direct people, but there's lots to do for every interest. Welcome!
Greetings all! South City resident here. I've been on this forum few times but never register. So I figured I may as well.