New Building for Post Holdings

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Nothing too exciting. Just another addition to Brentwood Industrial Park. ... 7ce59.html

^ Thanks for posting Framer,

I can't help my eyes wandering up to the Brentwood metrolink station every time I google earth the Hanley Industrial area and think of what it could be if Brentwood had a new vision of a mixed use development by knocking down Dierbergs and starting new.

You could extend the through streets & add some decent grid, sidewalks w better pedestrian access to & from the metrolink station to the rest of Hanley Industrial area, add a office component with a pedestrian bridge over metrolink connecting to the massive metrolink garage for someone like Post Holdings, some ground level retail with new Dierbergs and well placed residential.

Unfortunately, Post Holdings is thinking on how quick and cheap can we get much needed space and city thinking how they can help them make it happen. Good thing Post keeps growing but a missed opportunity for both IMO to develop a signature project within Hanley Industrial.