City Wide Plastic Bag Ban

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Would you be in favor of a bag ban?

Yes, ban plastic and paper!
No votes
Ban plastic, keep paper.
Make consumers pay (5 to 10 cents) for plastic bags.
No! I love my plastic bags!

I read the story recently about some Metro East cities attempting to get a pay-per-bag ordinance passed. I for one would love to see a ban or pay system in STL happen. I feel our city should be leading the way in areas like this. How do you feel and would you support any kind of plastic bag ordinance? ... -594896892
ImprovSTL wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:01 am
I read the story recently about some Metro East cities attempting to get a pay-per-bag ordinance passed.
Are you sure it wasn't a paper bag ordinance?
I would fully support any effort to end the use of plastic bags... the only thing I would need is someone to remind me to bring in my reusable bags when I forget. :P
Didn't the state ban munis from banning plastic bags?
quincunx wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:23 pm
Didn't the state ban munis from banning plastic bags?
Oh yeah, thanks for the heads up. They slipped it in with a bill that prevents cities from having a living wage as well. Sometimes I forget the state is run by a bunch of yokels.
The economist in me does not like outright bans or quantity restrictions, and is more sympathetic towards "Pigouvian" methods of correcting externalities, i.e. charging for the plastic bags.
The problem is determining the actually cost of a plastic bag. Makers of plastic bags never have to pay the future costs of plastic on the environment nor for the air pollution generated during production. A .03 cent plastic bag has numerous hidden costs which get placed on society.
kipfilet- thanks for enlightening me about Pigovian tax.
I'm all for a total ban. Tired of seeing bags floating down Jefferson and stuck in trees.

Charging for them won't change anything. People will still litter. It's clear that a lot of people have no decency in this city, so, sorry, we gotta take your toys away.
^But if every bag blowing down Jefferson represented 10 to 25 cents worth of revenue directed to city sanitation services wouldn't it be a net benefit?
Perhaps, it it meant that the trash gets cleaned up.

I get pretty fed up watching how people treat our city streets as a dumpster. I watched whoever is contracted by Metro to "clean" their bus stations just take a leaf blower and blast trash all across Chippewa and Kingshighway a few weeks ago. I'll be filing a formal complaint. But it's as if people were raised to simply throw trash on the ground rather than a bin.
Banning plastic bags would cause utter chaos at dollar stores and gas stations throughout the city. Do we really need to burden the downtrodden with another obstacle?

Personally, I would like to see plastic bags banned. However, it would probably cause an increase in trash in the streets because people would no longer have the plastic bag that came with the stuff they just bought to at least consider putting their trash in.
I like plastic bags. They make carrying stuff easy, and I re-use them for many different purposes before finally disposing of them.

Of course, I also realize their environmental issues. When not properly disposed of, they do indeed cause all kinds of problems. One of the biggest reasons bulk recycling is having hard times these days is because of plastic bags contaminating the system. They clog up the sorting machines and cause huge down-time issues.