RFP at Olive and Midland

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects within St. Louis County, including Chesterfield, Riverport, Earth City, Westport and more.
U City has received two proposals for the northwest corner of Olive and Midland. Two-story 20,000 sq. ft. mixed use retail and residential. Both developers are focusing on students. Sounds like the Harris Armstrong designed Gables Tea Room will not survive:

http://mo-universitycity3.civicplus.com ... View/12568
Turns out U City only received one response to the RFP. The general buzz is not very enthusiastic, it seems. Word is that they may seek another RFP. Problem is that this is technically a flood plain, so options are somewhat limited.

http://www.westendword.com/Articles-New ... -City.html
Sounds like at least they got a decent one. It seems odd to me that they're asking about an Applebees as though that should be preferable. I like his go local attitude. Would love to see some art.
^One of the U City council-people mentioned Appleby's just as an example of "American style" restaurants that she thinks the neighbors want. Actually, I would love to see the Bosnian bakery that the developer mentioned (I live a couple of blocks from the site).

I do like the more contemporary vision the developer is pushing for, and 2-stories sure beats another strip mall. I just don't know if he's really able to pull it off at this location.
^Okay. That's a fair question. It's never easy. But at least it sounds like he has some experience in the industry, in the area, and he's got some vision. That's some nice ingredients. Maybe if he walked in with financing in hand it would be more exciting? Hmm. I like the idea. I wish him the best luck. It's a neat international area anyway, honestly. More variety can only be even better.
What's the story with U City's RFPs? They only received one response for the I-170 and Olive one and they're rebidding that one. It sounds like they maybe want to rebid this one, too.
^This proposal at Midland has not generated much enthusiasm, perhaps because of the rather amateurish wording of the submission (for example, the developer hopes to start work in August, and finish by December; obviously not possible). I guess they're just hoping to get something more promising.

The RFP at 170 is being re-issued because the scope of the project has grown, and legally they have to do a re-start. They expect the developer to resubmit.
That makes sense. Too bad they can't find synergies between the two.
Stltoday - University City council backs demolition of historic but rundown tea room
With no acceptable redevelopment use submitted or it, University City officials are beginning a process that is planned to lead to the demolition of the historic but dilapidated Gables Tea Room building.

The vacant building is on city-owned land at Olive and Midland boulevards. It also shows up in some references as the Gable Tea Room.
http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metr ... 9c71d.html
^Per the article, U City also rejected the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of this corner, and they voted to remove the Wash U Sculpture Park on the western edge of the property.

So we'll be left with nothing.
The historic Gables Tearoom is toast. The U City city council rejected the recommendation of the U City Historic Preservation Commission and approved a demolition contract:

https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/met ... ium=direct
Seems like a waste to create another vacant lot, when the City just created a number of tenants looking for new spaces.
Crews are on site, and demo is imminent. The sculptures are going too.

No plans for any new development for the site.