Workshop Tools and Floor Space Rentals in StL

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Moved to StL a few years ago, and because I was going to be travelling a lot, we bought a condo so my wife wouldn't have to do any yard work or exterior maintenance while I was gone. That also means that we sold most of my tools and workshop items to move to a smaller space.

I now have a couple of projects (restoring a some metal work) and then retrofitting van with bed and cabinets for weekend travel.

One of the problems with the travel I'm doing is developing a good friendship base in StL. Yes, we have friends...but most of those are younger generation also in condos who are just now building up their low maintenance tool collection.

Is there any place in StL that rents floor space and tools?
This might be a bit more than what you're looking for but have you talked to Arch Reactor?
Not sure if you're downtown or not but yes, having a small woodshop and paint downtown would be amazing. Luckily there's an alley behind my building so I do my spray painting out there but I'm sure it's frowned upon.