Baseline Workshop, LLC

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Baseline Workshop, LLC, the exclusive Mid-West Distributor for both Poliform furniture systems and Varenna Kitchens, has made the Vangard Building their home. Located at 1110-1120 Washington Avenue, the store carries Flexform furniture, Tre Piu door systems and Antonio Lupi bathrooms. These products provide an integration of Italian design and architectural elements throughout the home.

Features of the 4,500 square foot showroom include a loft style setting with track lighting and exposed beams, modern Italian designed furniture, modular closet systems, and modern kitchens that feature "minimal" formal characteristics, that convert every functional unit into an essential shape, while still maintaining the highest operating ability. Poliform St. Louis Showroom (Baseline Workshop, LLC) has showrooms throughout the United States and Europe.
Well this is interesting. (At the risk of embarrassment for responding to a a possible bot), what floor will this be on? And if the Jefferson Arms redevelopment moves forward, it looks like we might have an Italian versus Turkish furniture line fight in that neck of downtown!
So I googled this. And I found a similar post, but from one of our real posters all the way back from 2005. And now I am wholly confused.
This is hilarious. Yeah, some bot just found this and reposted it for some reason.
^ what a world. I think it is a fascinating glimpse though into the high-flying pre-recession era... downtown and downtown west certainly retreated some since then -- rip English Living, etc. -- but it looks like it is getting oh so close to getting back on the right track.