MOFO Mixed Use at Morganford and Connecticut

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This is officially underway as the car wash is now gone.
^I don't think it's even been officially approved yet.
This has been approved and the city financing vehicles have passed. Site has been cleared and there is an excavator on site as of today.

The name of the project is MOFO. Maybe should be added to the thread title.
^^ the building on the right of the photo btw will be having a cupcake/coffee shop and a dog treat place pretty soon, btw. And Alpha Brewing pretty much will be just around the corner.
Any idea how soon the cupcake and dog treat shops will open? I'm looking forward to those.
^ should be soon as Occupancy Permit was issued last week. This again is a project of Center for Head Injuries non-profit so this will be extra-cool with getting more of their clients employment.
Awesome! I can't think of a better neighborhood for that type of project.
^ lots more opening in the n'hood soon, too. Alpha Brewing, the food truck/court project, the pot sticker place... ,
STLrainbow wrote:
Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:10 pm
^ lots more opening in the n'hood soon, too. Alpha Brewing, the food truck/court project, the pot sticker place... ,
Food Truck Park!? How did I miss that?
^ the Court Louie space looks amazing... corner of Utah and Roger at the old tea place turned comics/cafe spot. The family behind the Steak Louie food truck is behind it and is home base for several other food trucks as well... Farmtruk, LocozTacoz and a gyro one which I can't remember name of.
I would consider this construction. Excavation work has begun in earnest. This is an extremely exciting development for the city. Infill like this needs to become ubiquitous throughout the city,

The elevator shaft is up to about 10 feet tall. Yesterday (pictured), it was no more than three feet tall.

Framing for the third floor is going up along Connecticut and the Alley. It is amazing how large this project is. AHM has also started to market the 6000SF of retail space. Now all we need for is that 7-11 to go away.
I wouldn't mind a resurgence of urban 7/11s in STL like they have in Chicago and Milwaukee. ... 312!8i6656
Urban 7-11s are good but this one in this neighborhood is just yuck. Update from today. Third floor coming along nicely.

I love the renders on this one. Hope the real thing matches up.

It's bigger than I had pictured.
This should begin to receive some "cladding" (if you want to call it that), in the next dew weeks because this should be opened by the end of October, which is 10 weeks away. The main structure is practically done with framing for each room nearly complete. Hopefully this turns out looking good and will provide neighbors are rough example of how WYMO (3201 Morgan Ford) turns out.
I see some wood framing is being put up on the first floor. I assume this is for some brick work to break up the glass wall at street level. There is also some roofing materials on the roof that can't be seen from this photo.

Update from two weeks ago:

Things are moving quickly on this one.
All of the apartment unit windows and doors are in. I think we should see store front glass and brick going in soon.

framer wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:54 pm
I love the renders on this one. Hope the real thing matches up.
Went by today and so far, the renders are different in a number of ways...
1. There was to be some gray brick on the first floor and on the upper floors, it appears gray, corrugated metal is replacing the brick.
2. There was to be a brownish colored screen on the parking section, that is also gray.
3. Windows were to be in line with dividers on the first floor, so far, they are back about a foot.
4. Interesting tidbit, the building is a large "U" shape. The renderings don't show that. It may have been a late addition but the building's back side, along the alley, looks odd with it like this including the sloped angle of the assumed deck (Picture coming later today).

Overall, I still believe that the building will look exceptional, just the renderings were a bit deceiving. II am holding out hope that the brownish panels will be put on to cover some of the gray as seen in the renderings. Besides, anything is better than that old car wash that was once there.

Photo from yesterday...

Personally, whoever AHM (Rob Maltby) hired to be the contractor on this sucks. There has only been a handful of worker (about 10) on site ever since this started. It's amazing that small project like this takes so long while Altus' "Grand Flats" has it's brick going up quick among other things. The wood panels on that went up fast while this crawled along. I personally blame the construction crew. I understand if they don't have the man power to move fast but when that guy on the JLG lift sat there for the 15 minutes I was at "The Dam", it really tells you about the crew. The fastest installation of anything I have seen by far is the storefront glass with framing and panels going in simultaneously and that is being done by the Glass company.

Another problem with the workers is that the building is enclosed now. Windows, doors and roof, so I don't really understand why there is no crew on site on a cloudy or even slightly rainy day. They could work inside as there is plenty of work to do in there. I know that this is a rant but it really has to be. The original opening date was supposed to be around Thanksgiving and now that's flushed away with a hopeful opening around Christmas. On top of the push back, I messaged the Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association today and asked what the hold up was for WYMO (3201 Morgan Ford). Andrew's response was...
Hi Chris, we have not. Our development committee has a list of questions outstanding to the developer. The board meets tomorrow, where we may learn more. The developer has reached out regarding presenting at a neighborhood meeting, but has not confirmed a date yet that I am aware of.
AHM seems to be holding back on 3201 until this is done and when 3201 starts, I sure hope they hire a better contractor to build it. While money is a factor, the developer should be getting his money's worth with the contractor to get this done in an orderly and quick fashion. Not "riding out rain and cloudy days" or "sitting on the job" people.
Here is the alley side parking screen. Despite it looking solid, it actually has little holes in it that allow you to see in at night. Personally, I think this looks like some sort of shed you would see on a farm. On another note, the U shaped design is all for a small electric box on the alley side.