Centene Corporation HQ's

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Is that some sort of green roof on top of Centene I?
Yeah, Centene Plaza has always had a green roof. One that’s apparently in need of some TLC.

Here’s a cool shot from the Facebook page of Clayco.
^Awesome shot. Hopefully that view is not long for this world. Extremely anxious for them to get moving on the third tower.
Unless my eyes are deceiving me, we have glass going up on Centene 2! Bottom right of the tower from this webcam. Looks dark at first glance. I would love it to be darker than Centene 1.

They started adding glass about a week ago, beginning at the SE corner. It’s been blocked by the Crescent Building (I think that’s the correct name?) till yesterday.
This would explain why all three cameras were offline.
Took a couple the other night that I thought were pretty cool.


^The first one has a apocalyptic vibe.
I love the rainy night look. :)