RFP for Olive & I-170

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects within St. Louis County, including Chesterfield, Riverport, Earth City, Westport and more.
Not totally opposed to this development. My main concern is lack of orientation to the street and too few residential units to take place of the housing that will be lost.
Agree or disagree?
RPA 1 [The Olive and I-170 area] and RPA 3 [the rest of Olive in U City], by reason of both a predominance of each of, as well as a combination of, defective and inadequate street layout, unsanitary and unsafe conditions, deterioration of site improvements, improper subdivision and obsolete platting constitutes a menace to the public health, safety, morals or welfare. The defective and inadequate street layout and the unsafe conditions detailed herein with respect to the roads impair safe vehicular traffic and access for emergency vehicles, constituting a menace to the public safety and welfare. The general deteriorated conditions and unsanitary conditions in the Area constitute a menace to public health and safety. As a result, the Area is a menace to public health, safety, morals and welfare in its current condition and use.
^It's asinine, of course. But then, portions of downtown Clayton have been declared blighted.

A good lawyer can convince you that an elephant isn't really that big.
Great article about this on nextSTL today:

https://nextstl.com/2018/04/university- ... -is-wrong/

I'm all for the propositions the author makes, but how do we get those? Request an adjusted proposition, point out the requirements it doesn't meet, and deny / re-open the request for proposals until something more acceptable comes along?
I'd be probably more concerned with the plan to eminent domain, especially given Novus' track record. That and they plan on eminent domaining some of the largest landholders who seem less than impressed with the price Novus offered.
KMOV - Many residents, businesses against plan for major development along Olive in University City

http://www.kmov.com/story/37990948/many ... rsity-city
U City Patch - Olive Retail Anchor To Remain Secret Until TIF Is Approved

https://patch.com/missouri/universityci ... f-approved
^Sounds to me like the identity of the anchor would negatively impact the chances for a TIF, so . . . deny the TIF. Makes me think it's Wal Mart.
Walmart hasn't been shy in the past. See Ellisville TIF drama. And Shrewsbury TIF.
^Valid point, but the atmosphere around TIFs is changing fast. I'm still inclined to think the lack of an ID is significant cause for concern.
(The original speculation that it's Costco still makes a lot of sense, of course. And your point about Mal-Wart makes sense.)
Concerns about STL's unofficial Chinatown, from St. Louis Public Radio:

http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/cur ... n#stream/0
Probably a good moment to say, if this goes through you should all go to Pho Long, De Palm Tree, and Asian Kitchen Korean Cuisine among others... they are all pretty amazing. Aaaaand to echo a previous comment, STLCity should be courting these restaurants if possible.
TIF Commission Public Hearing, 7 PM, Wednesday, May 23, Mandarin House Banquet Center, 8008 Olive Blvd.