Marriott Fairfield Inn (at Harry's site)

Downtown construction activity, including hotel projects, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc.
The hotel is on the Board of Adjustment agenda for March 1. $25 for the zoning only permit application plus $200 to appeal to the Board of Adjustment. May not be much money in addition to what they have spent on at least schematic plans and renderings, but this seems like a lot of wok and investment to take the chance of doing that solely to increase your buyout price for a MLS stadium that needs voter approval.
New hotel on former Harry's Restaurant site to break ground soon ... 43e18.html
A new Fairfield Inn and Suites should soon take the place of the closed Harry’s Restaurant & Bar. 

The Fairfield, a Marriott brand, will have about 125 rooms and a two-story parking garage along with event space on the almost one-acre site at 2144 Market Street. Developer Equis Hospitality Management of Brentwood hopes to finalize financing for the $19.5 million project by January and begin construction in January. 
I thought this was dead?! Well, at least the design looks better.
I wonder what this popping back up says about the adjacent/overlapping stadium plan.
No matter how you slice it i don't like the fact that this is not coordinated with the overall redevelopment of the interchange. Don't mind the hotel, and if there is not going to be a stadium then i think the location is 'OK', but there haven't been any overlays of how the street grid might be modified, transit possibilities, and how the area will be zoned. So i would prefer they tap the brakes and get a holistic plan in order before going forward with this one. This hotel needs to fit in to the plan for the area, and i am certain there is substantial room for them to be part of it.
What's also sad is that we spent millions studying TOD in St. Louis with little to nothing to show for it. There goes our leadership.
The Harry's building is currently being demolished. No idea what that means for any hotel construction.