Wash U Danforth Campus development

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
I thought a thread would be interesting to discuss current and future development of the Danforth campus at Wash U. I graduated from WUSTL a few years back and it's always fun to see what's happening and what is to come.

Current Projects

Sumers Recreation Center-55million dollar addition to current athletic complex
Rubelman House Replacement-new dormitory on South 40 to replace Rubelman house, expand Umrath House
Variety of Quadrangle projects (ongoing)- asbestos remediation, remodel of many off campus residences north of the university

Planned Projects

Library Expansion/Remodel-18 million dollar expansion of cafes, additional entrance, collection space
North Entrance Remake-replacement of pedestrian bridge over FPP, remodeling of Bryan Hall, George Mcmillan Halls, potentially Urbauer, Jolley as well(35MM). Set to begin post-commencement.
Loop Lofts Phase II
East Campus Development
Weil Hall
Jubel Hall[/g]
[b]The Hub

Welcome Center
Underground Parking

With many of these projects to be completed by 2020, where will the next phase of development come? Lacking from these plans are additional engineering building (s) to be constructed in addition to the east end plan to complete the originally intended engineering quadrangle. Also missing is potential expansion of the art/architecture space on the parking lot east of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum.

Elsewhere on campus that I could see development occurring

South 40
Replacement of last 2 remaining traditional freshman dorms- Lee/Beaumont

Danforth Campus
Continued renovation of original buildings similar to work on Cupples II, Wilson. Buildings that could use it include Ridgely (currently subdivided into 4 floors from original 2) and Busch Hall (biology)
Replacement of Mallinckrodt student center
Replacement of Aging Millbrook Apartments on the NE side of the Danforth campus
Law school construction on site of several upper row fraternity houses (moved to lower row)
Demolition of cyclotron, radiochem building (possibly in conjunction with north entrance redevelopment)

Further Afield
Further expansion of North campus-plenty of empty grass space (currently temporary home of track team) as well as land owned further west on Olive
West campus-Possible sale?
South Campus (Old CBC)- needs some use besides community theatre and rec sports. New sports fields look nice but the rest of the building is a shame to leave empty.
Fontbonne/Seminary- Potential for acquisition? I know the financial situation of the Seminary is pretty good, but the enrollment is down significantly in seminaries and national leaders have talked of consolidating to one seminary. Fontbonne as well may be struggling to recruit students to a Catholic University when competing with Maryville/SLU given its relatively high price tag.
Where does WUSTL go from here? Previous development has done a lot to get rid of surface parking and (sadly) remove buildings that didn't fit the campus aesthetic, but where next on a landlocked campus? I would be most in favor of seeing WUSTL absorb Fontbonne/facilitate a move to land in STL county in order to continue the growth in facilities and enrollment we've seen over the past years.
^ IMO WUSTL's Loop Lofts project was a home run and be replicated elsewhere. e.g.:
- West Campus - adjacent to Forsyth Metrolink station in Clayton (direct Metrolink access to Danforth and Medical campuses)
- Northwest corner of Big Bend @ Forest Park Pkwy
I'd like to see the development of the east side of Skinker between FPP and Lindell akin tot he building on the NE corner of FPP and Skinker.

I'm annoyed that the 1 and 2 bus routes will be pushed out to Skinker and Forsyth from Hoyt. Transit works better when it delivers you to the middle of things not to the edges.
Totally agree on the east side of Skinker-that lot is an unnecessary and forgotten green space (especially just across from FP!). Would the neighbors on Lindell ever allow anything?

I know WUSTL owns the Hi/Tec copy building on that corner of Big Bend and FPP, you think they will actually develop that corner? I think that'd be a great location though. West campus may be a bit far unfortunately and the land is probably too expensive for that use- wash u kids already are complaining quite a bit (or so i've heard) about the walk from the Lofts.
The neighbors around the Hi Tec Copy building are always looking over their shoulders at WU. Any expansion there would meet very stiff resistance.
They also have 6500 Clayton Road, the CBC building. It's been nine years since they bought it from Concordia.
I'm looking forward to progress on Loop Lofts Phase II. They never presented a final design for that part of the project.
I'm still not sure what a good use for the old CBC property would be. Unfortunately conversion into student housing (I would guess for graduate students) seems to be out of the question given the neighbors, thus the only use I could see is a potential move for the development workers from a sold west campus to a renovated CBC building. Such a shame to see the building left empty. It's really an interesting complex with a mix of time periods and architectural styles but that will also make finding a good use for it challenging.
Here's an update from Wash U covering various construction projects on the Danforth Campus:

https://source.wustl.edu/2016/05/summer ... ts-timing/

And here's a story in the Post about Wash U's scientific research ambitions, including infrastructure improvements:

http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/educ ... fc6a5.html
We've got multiple threads covering Wash U campus development, so it's hard to know where to post this, but I wanted to share the link Rainbow posted:

https://source.wustl.edu/2016/10/design ... th-campus/
Wash U wants to add more student housing on its South Campus:

http://www.constructforstl.org/washingt ... t-housing/
framer wrote:
Fri May 11, 2018 11:32 am
Wash U wants to add more student housing on its South Campus:

http://www.constructforstl.org/washingt ... t-housing/
South 40*
The South Campus is WashU's building at Clayton Rd and Bellevue Ave.