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Discuss new retail, dining, business, residential projects, or urban affairs in the areas of Missouri outside Metro St. Louis.
This week's episode of "This Week in Missouri Politics" (Sundays at 11 AM on Channel 30) was pretty interesting. Is us usually dominated by conservative Republican rural MOLEG legislators. But to keep it somewhat balance, they usually invite one person from St. Louis media, or politics. Last week, Jason Rosenbaum was the guest. Today, Jeff Rainford was the urban guest.

Jeff Rainford was fantastic. I like when he lectured MOLEG about ethics. He also talked a lot about the stadium.
Here is a link to the 1/2 show.

I see California will be voting on splitting the state into 3 states. Each new "state" will have one of the three largest cities. Their state called "Southern California" will include San Diego. The state called "California" will included LA. The state called "Northern California" will include San Francisco. A lot more has to happen for this to actually come to pass including acceptance at the federal level. If this works, would Missouri consider something similar?

Option 1: Split Missouri into two states, East Missouri and West Missouri. KC would be the capital of West Missouri, and St. Louis Unitus (newly merged with the county?) would be the capital of East Missouri. Springfield would likely go to East Missouri. St. Louis, MO metro population is 2.1M, 35% of the state. KC, MO metro is 1.2M, 20% of the state, and Springfield metro is .46M, 7.5% of the state.

Option 2: Option 1 above PLUS, convince the southern half of Illinois to join Western Missouri with St. Louis Unitus as its capital city as the new state SILEMO, or Cahokia, or Confluence, Ozarka, or whatever. East side cities might be included in St. Louis Unitus.

I would think the Old Courthouse could be the symbolic capital, but we might ask legislators to stay in their homes and meet virtually to avoid sex scandals, easy wining and dining by lobbyists, and expensive travel and sessions -- things that seem to happen when boys get away from home for a few days. Legislators would have to come out of their homes and explain their votes to their next door neighbors directly.

(KC might want to similarly split off Eastern Kansas and make KC the capital of EsKWeMo, or something.)
Gary, do you have any idea of the remaining political steps that have to happen for this California division to be realized?

Or are you just having fun?
It's almost certainly just for "fun" or wishful thinking. Not only would the entire state of California have to approve it, so would the US Congress and the President. From a political standpoint, depending on the demographics of the proposed new states, whoever is in control of Congress would certainly take into consideration potential impacts to the electoral college and affects on the Senate and House. Splitting California into 3 democratic states would shift more power to democrats... something I'm sure republicans would be very against (and vice versa).
whitherSTL wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:18 am
Gary, do you have any idea of the remaining political steps that have to happen for this California division to be realized?

Or are you just having fun?
The California split will really be on the ballot in November. But polls show residents oppose splitting by a margin of 4-1, so it will fail. If it passed, then Congress would have to approve the split per Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. So this won't happen now. So I guess I'm just having fun. Didn't mean to get your hopes up.

http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol- ... story.html
^I'm pretty sure this has been proposed off and on in some variation since the thirties. You can see hints of it in the water fights in Chinatown. (And yes, it's a movie. But the spats over water rights are real enough.)