Lewis Place Tornado Damage

Discuss renovations and new construction in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
After the tornado left Sunset Hills, it skipped along a path that eventually included historic Lewis Place in North St. Louis city next to the Central West End.


Here is a story about the damage from KSDK.

And from a local on Youtube:

Unlike Sunset Hills, many of the people in the 12 home damaged by the tornado don't have insurance or resources to repair the damage and restore the character of these homes in this neighborhood, which is on the National Register. Here is a history of the area:


I see that they have a web site that accepts donations. While its great that Sunset Hill collected $15,000 from drivers on Lindberg, I'm sure these people in Lewis Place will appreciate anything they can get to repair their houses. If we want to contribute, I suggest donating through lewisplacestl.org and designating that the money go to restoring the damaged homes. Thanks.

Here is the link to the United Way page for contributions to Lewis Place tornado damage. It discusses Mayor Slay's efforts to raise money for this historic district houses damage by the storm.

Also, I got this reply to a question about donations on STLtoday.com. The web site has lots of pictures of houses that sustained damage in the storm:
"according to Michael R. Allen of the Preservation Research Office (http://preservationresearch.com/2011/01/two-weeks-later-lewis-place-still-suffering-from-storm-damage/), your "Checks can be made out to Lewis Place Historical Preservation, 3920 Lindell Blvd., Suite 206, St. Louis, MO 63108, and Attention Pam Talley. For information about how you can help, contact Talley at 314.535.1354."