North Riverfront Loft District

Discuss renovations and new construction in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.



Industrial City:

Rob Powers, the author of, has added a section called the Industrial City. The North Riverfront Business District is represented in two sections: Riverfront North and North Broadway/Riverfront/Hall Street. ... ial00.html

I encourage all to take a gander.

There was discussion more than a year ago about a loft district is these areas, but now that Powers has wonderfully added pictures we can get a better idea. The Riverfront North contains a collection of warehouses and factories possibly related to Union Electric, there is the McPheeters Warehouse, Laclede warehouses, Beck & Corbitt Iron warehouses. All appear abandoned. Many of these buildings resemble the Cupples Warehouse area.

The North Broadway/Riverfront/Hall Street section has many more buildings and they resemble the Washington Avenue Loft District. Ford Hotel Supply, American Brake, Condie-Neale Glass Co., and many more.

These buildings are underused if not at all since most are boarded up and America has somewhat deindustrialized and manufacturing has moved to places like Westport Industrial area.


I imagine that a developers like McGowan/Walsh, Pyramid, Orchard, and others could buy up these buildings and begin a new loft district. Maybe a large developer could combine vacant industrial land and create a riverside community that is LEED or green and environmentally friendly. Tulsa's Channels ( and Fort Worth's Trinity River District ( are already pushing the idea of redeveloping former industrial areas for environmentally friendly residential districts in close proximity to downtown.


There has been much talk around the country about reclaiming rivers and the riverfront. St. Louis seems to be missing out on this except for the riverfront competition. A nice promenade and riverside park along the Mississippi could replace the horrid flood gate and patchy grass embankments that are largely ignored except for Trailnet. A streetcar could be built along Broadway to connect to downtown or if the railroad is not highly used it could become a Metrolink extension that would eventually connect up to Alton. The noise is an issue. The united States is supposed to add a 100 million people by 2040. Where are they going to go? Why continue to waste what we have and start reinvesting and rebuilding with our current infrastructure.

Land Availability:

28 blocks between Mullanphy on the north, Mississippi River on the east, I-70 onthe west, and Biddle on the south. This area has the most vacant land and open riverfront. It has few historic buildings making it all new construction like an environmentally friendly built village. Four blocks wide sounds nice. One problem is the future Missouri River Bridge or Reagan Bridge?

The areas around North Market is seen in the first picture and looks like the area is well-used at least from ariel photographs. Accessing the river from there will be somewhat difficult, and the area may have to become one large project.

So, what say you? Allow a former and underused industrial district saulter away into abandon and return to forest/prairie/no-man's land or revive into another Washington Avenue this time with a riverfront view?

I seem to remember hearing that the McGowans, Craig Heller, etc. have already started buying up buildings in this area. Hopefully good things are in store.

Looks like a fantastic loft district to me. I don't know exactly how far some of these are from the new Pinnacle Casino, or the proposed Bottle District site, but I can see this area being very popular. Having been through the Gaslight Square area, I can also see a similar development (hopefully all the good and none of the bad) coming to North St. Louis and making Jackson Place Park and St. Louis Place Park hot places to be!!!

DeBaliviere wrote:
I seem to remember hearing that the McGowans, Craig Heller, etc. have already started buying up buildings in this area. Hopefully good things are in store.

The McGowan Brothers signs on some buildings are a good indication these rumors are true ;-)
Big time bump here. My apologies if there's been a thread on this since.

I was wondering if there'd been news on any of these buildings in the past few years - especially with the new bridge. A few appear to be under 2508 N Broadway LLC, but I wasn't sure who really owned them. ... adway.html ... way02.html

What great looking buildings. Luckily, they all appear to be in decent shape. I wonder if they're protected at all.
I don't think the new bridge will change the area much (good or bad). What could change faster will be a streetcar (north Broadway to south Broadway via downtown).