Crown Square in Old North St. Louis (14th Street Mall)

Discuss renovations and new construction in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
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Great news for Old North, Firecracker Press expanding operations in Crown Square...
New arts venue UrbArts coming to Crown Square: ... z351JnAZpa
I been looking for a area to rehab a house in the city after collage would Old north or Hyde park be worth the effort? Not in a rush to decide yet.
Redbrickcity wrote:
I been looking for a area to rehab a house in the city after collage would Old north or Hyde park be worth the effort? Not in a rush to decide yet.

Kind of hard to answer if it will be worth your effort. A lot depends on your goals, etc.
I wouldn't want to steer you away from any particular neighborhood. If you are serious about an area, any area, go there and spend some time there. Visit a store. Eat dinner. Take a stroll in early evening. If you are going to live there make sure you like the environment.

From a value analysis Old North and Hyde Park probably has one of the lower costs to enter. Houses are very affordable. It also probably has a lower ceiling, so that when you are done no matter how nice a job you do, your house most likely wouldn't appraise for multiple hundred's of thousands. That said neighborhoods change and if you have a sense of a rising tide the values can easily go up as the prices don't reflect the quality of the houses as much as the perception of the neighborhood. The people in ONSTL especially are doing great work rebuilding both the buildings, and reputation of their community.

If you are rehabbing to rent. Do a quality job, maintain the property, keep it clean and rent to reputable upstanding people. The people of any neighborhood deserve to have good neighbors to maintain and build their community.

If you are flipping, your margins could be thin, especially if you can't do it all yourself. And it's a risky game if you are doing it on credit, but without risk there's no reward. And even if they never live there, flippers contribute by saving buildings that would otherwise might not be. Good luck.
I am not looking to make money in Old north or Hyde Park I just want to rehab house for me to live in. I would have no or little debt after collage so I want to use that Perk to invest into the city. I can deal with crime and long it is going down over the long term.

But anyway here is little cause in Old north

nice list of progress in old north
^ Good to see the warehouse building mentioned with specific plans.... last I recall ONSL was kind of wanting to keep a lid on it. That's a decent sized building so it could be a nice number of units.

There hasn't been a lot of talk about the JayMar building (as we refer to it), but the plans are sitting out in the open on top of my desk right now, so not specifically under wraps. There was a LIHTC application in Fall 2015 for 9% credits, but the project was not selected, which wasn't a shock considering the competition. a 4% application has been considered, but the consensus seems to be on a revised 9% application in Fall 2016. We'll see. STL North, LLC, of which Old North St. Louis Restoration Group is a partner is working with the St. Louis Equity Fund on the project. Plans are for 31 units plus shared studio and gallery space. All of the units would be artist focused. There is potential for some basement uses as well. The views in every direction are fantastic. Hopefully the building is deserving of it's own thread eventually.

One thing I do have to keep under wraps is the specific plans on a current proposal for the Mullanphy Emigrant Home. I can confirm that there are real plans, and it will be a great use if everything works out, but beyond that we're under an implied confidentiality agreement until the other party is ready to announce their plans.

Shameless plug- Old North St. Louis Restoration Group can't do any of it's community building activities without the generous support of people just like you- All tax-deductible donations go directly into projects to improve Old North St. Louis.

Tying back into the actual subject of the thread. There are current negotiations for the last commercial space available in Crown Square for a restaurant in the Parks Building (2718-20 N 14th). Hopefully there will be some news to share there soon.
Very cool renovation of an old warehouse into a young couple's home in Old North. Be sure to check out all of the pictures.

Image ... 0c213.html

Also, check out next weekend's Old North Community & House tour: ... 2428890685
News out of Old North has been pretty quiet lately. What’s the status of the restaurant that was supposed to open in Crown Square? And how about that warehouse building mentioned esrlier in this thread? MattnSTL- any updates?
The restaurant/market should open in the Parks building relatively soon. Took longer than expected to finish the buildout.

When ONSLRG lost staffing and then the state started messing around with the LIHTC program, plans for apartments in the JayMar building were scrapped. A charter school was looking at it for a while (lots of neighborhood opposition as it's a poor site for a school and there are already a Charter school and magnet school within 2 blocks), but that also fell through. Right now work has started to put a new roof on the building, do some structural repairs, and prepare the space for leasing. No telling what the next use could be, but it's raw loft type space. That could accommodate anything from artists to creative firms to traditional office tenants. We'll just have to wait and see. The three new houses that were built on Monroe last year have all sold. There are about 10 private renovation projects of various scopes in various stages of completion right now. Still plenty of buildings to renovate, but with the low hanging fruit gone it's going to take people with time, resources, and energy, or another bigger development with tax-credits and other subsidy that can take on a bunch of buildings at once.

Other than that, we're spending far too much time fighting off speculators. We're trying to get out ahead of it and proactively work with City agencies. SLDC is also proposing to issue a RFP for LRA land surrounding the NGA area. Something else we are no working with them on. There's always more to do.

The Annual Old North St. Louis House and Community Tour is coming up on May 12 if anyone is interested in getting an inside look at a bunch of unique houses In Old North and St. Louis Place, as well as the Griot and Vashon Museums. Tickets can be bought in advance at
I should also mention that a food export business has moved their office to Crown Square. Not a foot traffic generator, but an interesting business that has made their storefront look nice. Soon to open will be a tattoo shop. That should generate foot traffic. There is also a letter of intent for the only commercial space that isn't currently leased for a fashion designer that is planning to relocate her business.

La Mancha Coffeehouse is also running a kickstarter to raise funds for their planned bakery next door to the cafe- ... ject_share
^Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear things are still moving along. ONSL may be short on funds, but they sure aren’t short on dedicated, engaged residents.