Beaumont Telephone Exchange - 2654 Locust Street

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
The St. Louis Business Journal reported today that Bruce Deveopment Company has purchased the Beaumont Telephone Exchange building in and plans to turn it into 75 market rate and affordable rental lofts with ground floor office space. Units will range between 500 and 900 sqft with rents ranging between $600 and $900 per month.

hurray for west of jefferson!!

Huzzah for affordable housing!

Yes Huzzah and hurray, for any rehab is good, but...

I always worry that by simply moving further west and the seemingly never ending supply of vacant buildings in St. Louis keeps the city, and downtown in particular, from developing the infill development to finish up say Washington Ave as a neighborhood, more than a long strip of rehabs.

nomination to the national register of historic places.



From the December 2, 2005 print edition

<A HREF="">Bruce sets new tone for Beaumont Telephone Building</A>

Lisa R. Brown

Bruce Development Co. purchased the Beaumont Telephone Exchange and plans to turn the 103-year-old-building into rental lofts. The six-story brick building at 2654 Locust is just west of Jefferson Avenue. Preliminary plans call for the rehabilitation of the building into 75 market-rate and affordable rental lofts with ground-floor office space. It will have a mix of studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms with rents ranging between $600 and $900 and units ranging between 500 and 900 square feet. The cost of development is estimated to be $10 million.

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Any news?

The developer of the Beaumont (Bruce) had his application for private activity bonds denied by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Don't know what kind of wrench this throws into their plans.

Project: Beaumont Building

Applicant/Issuer: IDA of St. Louis City

Amount requested: $11,250,000
Well this one took a while-

70 apartments coming to the Beaumont Telephone building ... s-new.html

honestly the project makes a lot more sense now - had this happened in 06, 07 those apartments would have been island (still will be a little bit) but with Midtown development moving East and Downtown development moving West makes more sense now
^ exciting times.... I just hope that this gets done and its not another 9 years before the next attempt!
Dibbs on the unit with the huge stained-glass-window!
Anyone know if this is still in the works? It does look like some of the surrounding buildings in the 2600-2700 Locust blocks are getting a bit of activity with increased leasing, etc.

Across the street, a neat looking furniture company called Shuttle Stuff has moved into the warehouse (check out their website) and the attached, handsome mid-rise was recently purchased; hopefully that will become mixed-use. There are too many surface lots in the area, especially by Jefferson, but the place still has a lot of potential.


Walking by here regularly, I'm concerned about the future of this building.

It looks like maybe someone has broken the lock on the gate. A few weeks ago, there were a bunch of notecards used by employees back in the day just blowing away from the building. Tonight the gate was wide open.

Is there someone to notify that the building needs to be secured before it's damaged irreparably?
eee123 wrote:
Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:09 pm
Is there someone to notify that the building needs to be secured before it's damaged irreparably?
Yes. Call and/or email the NSO and CC the alderman. Don’t know who they are off the top of my head but check the city website. Tell them the building division needs to secure the property before fire, etc.
^ holy sh*t!
urban_dilettante wrote:
Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:50 pm
^ holy sh*t!
I never doubt the powers of the almighty thread revival.

btw, anyone with Biz Journal access giving a report back would be appreciated. It's a beautiful building though. Definitely unique to downtown, given it's two street facing courtyards. Would be a cool biergarten for a restaurant.
Unfortunately this would be too loud for apartments. *grumbles over lack of office demand downtown*

ImageScreen Shot 2017-10-24 at 3.09.11 PM by Alex Price, on Flickr

ImageScreen Shot 2017-10-24 at 3.08.52 PM by Alex Price, on Flickr

I love that bricked up Storefront space though. Would love to see that returned to a wood and glass storefront.
Meaty points from the article without giving too much away.

• Rehabilitation of the Beaumont Telephone Exchange building to 45 apartments and office space

• Redeveloped Mendenhall building

• 250-space parking garage with first-floor retail on a parking lot next to the Beaumont

• 125-room boutique hotel on the SW corner of Locust and Jefferson

• Shipping-container retail plaza known as Boxyard (see the original in Tulsa here:

• Scorch, a marketing agency (currently a little further west in Midtown Alley) will anchor the offices
Any idea how big the shipping container retail will be?

Anyone think we've seen too many hotel proposals lately?
Totally speculation, but does anybody else think that Downtown West development will increase bases on two particular developments. New NGA West HQ and the possibility of a future Metrolink line traveling West on Delmar to Jefferson instead of North on 14th st.
Here is what the Boxyard in Tulsa looks like. Would be a welcome addition to the area. Crazy to see such rapid change in an area that has historically been so stagnant. Midtown Alley definitely has the bones, would love to see what it will look like after a full comeback ... 312!8i6656
Can someone draw out on an overhead map exactly where these buildings are and where all the features of this development will be. I kind of have an idea but I can't get a feel for the whole thing.
there's probably typos but, here:

Imagebeaumont by Alex Price, on Flickr ... 46168.html

Similar size "Even" hotels in Seattle and Omaha