View at Newstead and Adam's Grove FPSE

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
50 $300,000 to $350,000. homes and two 20-unit apartment buildings in View at Newstead
50 affordable townhomes in Adam's Grove
About 23 vacant houses will be demolished, grumble

StlToday - New homes near Grove to go on sale this fall for $300,000
Work will start within weeks to turn land owned for years by Washington University’s redevelopment arm into nearly 150 new homes in Forest Park Southeast.. ... 505b6.html

From Dec 2015

Affordable housing coming to Forest Park Southeast
Forest Park Southeast is the St. Louis neighborhood known for the Grove entertainment district and, to a lesser extent, a rebounding residential market. ... edd26.html
23 homes demolished, 300k+ price tags, and full tax abatement. Ridiculous.
RuskiSTL wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:05 pm
23 homes demolished, 300k+ price tags, and full tax abatement. Ridiculous.
I'm fine with home demolishing here. There is a strong plan to build on that space not leave it vacant. I don't see a ton of value in a lot of those homes south of Manchester. There's some good ones, but there's a lot of really bad ones.

Full tax abatement is another issue. One I don't know enough to decide on.
The abatement seems mostly like a gift to whomever buys the homes, right? Perhaps it's necessary to market the homes? In any event, if it induces people to move into the city from the county the city probably does alright from it. If it just causes relocation within the city, it doesn't seem like the city benefits. But that is probably a naive analysis.
The tax abatement isn't going to the homebuyer. The money is going back to infrastructure improvements in the area.

From the Post article:

"The developers are seeking full tax abatement for 10 years and a Community Improvement District. New homeowners would still pay taxes, but the CID would collect payments in lieu of taxes to pay down bonds used to finance infrastructure including resurfaced streets and alleys, lighting, landscaping and signage."
robertn42 wrote:
Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:38 am
the CID would collect payments in lieu of taxes to pay down bonds used to finance infrastructure including resurfaced streets and alleys, lighting, landscaping and signage."
Streets/alleys and lighting seem to make sense. Not sure about landscaping and signage.
I'm assuming the landscaping is in reference to street trees (which are sorely needed.) The signage could be standard-issue like 'No Parking' or 'Parking by Permit Only' and not wayfinding/place-making stuff. But we'll see.
FPSE is on fire!
I hope they aren't tearing down all of the existing buildings in this area. There are a number that could be sold for $300k after a renovation, and others that would simply keep the blocks interesting. The photos below are a few of my favorites (they were also taken several years ago so I'm not sure what's still standing):

I have many more photos of the neighborhood south of Manchester here: ... 529413874/

The clear-cut-and-then start-from-scratch development really seems inappropriate for this neighborhood's long term...
Couldn't agree more. UIC's botanical grove would be the right model to follow. Infill and historic restorations. Will the public even be allowed a voice in this?
That kind of crazy mix of quirky architecture is one of the things that makes The Hill so interesting. It would do the same here.
The multi-family buildings are much improved this go around. Nice to have a design go that trajectory.
Agreed. It seems FPSE/The Grove is gathering quite a collection of modern midrises and homes; that's a very good thing.

For the single-family market-rate homes, has anyone seen any renderings besides the one presented? I like the design, but I am hoping they aren't planning to repeat it exclusively across 50 homes.
I have photos of this development. How do I post a URL if they are pictures taken by me?
^you upload them to a photo hosting site like picasa or Flickr and then post a URL from there. I use Flickr. It's pretty easy.
Imageimage1 (7) by Dylan Kennedy, on Flickr
PD building blocks had nice follow up article with finish product photo of first house built as well as latest timeline ... 5f701.html

Hulse said the first phase of the project on Vista Avenue will add about 26 market-rate houses. He said he expects to sell about 10 to-be-constructed houses this fall, and "by this time next year I think we should be through the first phase." Construction on the next phase, on Norfolk Avenue, should start next year. The developers also plan two 20-unit apartment buildings.
What's the history behind the name "Adam's Grove?"
moorlander wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:48 pm
What's the history behind the name "Adam's Grove?"
I'm not sure who Adams Park and Adams Elementary are named after, but I assume this is play on those schools and the district name (The Grove, obviously). I could be wrong, and there could be more history behind it.



Adam's Grove is finished and fully occupied, with a waiting list: ... southeast/

Nice looking project, would love to see something like this done in the Patch.