4101 West Pine at Sarah- 13 Townhomes

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
NextSTL has posted a new proposal by the Lawrence Group for 13 townhouses on the vacant lot at Sarah and West Pine:

http://nextstl.com/2015/10/townhomes-pr ... ah-street/
townhomes look like a cool addition. i wish there was space for retail underneath, if anyone remembers rossinos across the street, that would be pretty sweet. actually, just rossinos. just put back rossinos. please. that place was an institution.
Does this project have a website?
Grove Properties took over

Nextstl - 13 Modern Townhomes Planned for W Pine & Sarah

https://nextstl.com/2018/05/13-modern-t ... ine-sarah/

Sarah is really becoming a great street.

Now, if only the Lindell Marketplace could be redeveloped...
The new design and site plan is a big upgrade over the original proposal from 2015. This should look nice.
Can't believe no one has mentioned that they are not seeking tax abatement for this project.
I love that there is demand for higher end housing moving eastward.
The previous project for the site wasn't offered tax abatement either. Nor was the Standard, Piasa 1 or 2 along with a few other smaller projects in the CWE part of the 17th wad. Despite what is widely reported we have been scaling back on incentives for some years. As example100 has less than either of the Opus towers. The above mentioned non abated projects, while the investment was welcome, they did little to push the envelop.

Quality mixed use projects, and high rise projects are just more expensive and still need some subsidy even in the strongest city markets. Because of competitive pressure, we'll probably have to subsidize office and regional retail everywhere in the city for years to come.

Building higher density is just more expensive and it should be something we should be willing to subsidize to some extent in transit corridors to encourage environmentally sustainable development.
West End Word says construction is supposed to start this month, but I walked by this morning and nothing was stirring.
Construction was stated to be planned to begin once 4101 Laclede is mostly complete. With the rain they haven't been able to complete the concrete work on the Sarah side 4101 Laclede.
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Nice blog post about this project:

http://www.stlouiscitytalk.com/posts/20 ... Vly1T0e6B8