One Hundred - Kingshighway & West Pine

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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^ Definitely going full steam ahead on sub surface foundation work.

Looks like at least three caisson drill rigs on top of the two cranes but not quite sure the type of subsurface work going on as a traditional caisson is replacing the drilled dirt/soil with rebar cage and concrete to create a piling in place by using existing ground as your form. Those drill holes look relatively big but the amount of dirt piled up, stockpiled seems minimal while I doubt one occasional truck of concrete would keep up with the pace. Anyone with a good explanation of the details? Are they grouting the soil, or essential forming one big block of cemented soil to tie the structure into?
framer wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:51 pm
There's a big new mobile crane on site.
That didn't last long. It was disassembled today and a ton of small holes are being drilled now based on the webcam.
Four concrete trucks on site at the same time today (3:20 PM). Must be some serious pouring going on.
framer wrote:
Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:34 pm
Four concrete trucks on site at the same time today (3:20 PM). Must be some serious pouring going on.
They're filling each drilled hole / pier / anchor / whatever the technical term is one by one as they are ready. This is also why the mobile crane is there and gone repeatedly.

Having watching the progress over the past weeks, the placement and diameter of these drilled holes certainly seems random or sporadic. I can't figure out any pattern that correlates to the building layout itself. If anyone has extra time and is bored, you could probably watch the time lapse day by day and mark each hole and its diameter... would also probably give us a better idea as to how many more they're goind to drill before they move onto the next phase of construction.

Here's what i was able to get from the downloadable timelapse. It may still just be early, but i'm not seeing any pattern here.
I know it's like watching water boil, but I check the webcam every day, just waiting for the first sign of one of the columns rising above ground level.
I'm still completely confused by the locations of the foundations they've drilled and poured thus far. I looked up the bentonite process and that makes sense... but I agree. This one just feels like they're going at a really really slow pace.
I also find it strange that no additional renderings have been released by now. There’s not even an image of the tower on the construction fence.
Everyone is anxious to see progress and can't wait until this building adorns our skyline. There has been so much progress in the CWE over the last ten years. Don't let the much anticipated building of this structure over the next 18-24 months cause any heart attacks. Be patient.