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Aren't these guys supposed to build a new headquarters on the site of the old Library Ltd. Bldg. at Forsythe and Hanley? Any updates?

yea i read an article and that appears to be the plan. They want to renovate the building they operate in and the parking garage next to it. Then tear down the library ltd and its parking structure to build two highrises ( 15 and 16 stories). It's not concrete though, they are seeking TIFs from clayton which clayton doesn't exactly just hand out.

16-story building, 290,000sf

15-story building, 271,000sf

Centene Corporation Plans

Clayton Considers Blighting City Block To Clear Way For Corporate Expansion

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When you think of blight, crumbling buildings probably come to mind. But what about a bustling block in the heart of downtown Clayton?

It is all part of a plan to grant a tax break. The city wants to declare one block "blighted" so a corporation can expand its headquarters. But, Clayton has never granted tax abatement in the past. And some small business owners say it shouldn't start now. David Danforth says, "The notion that we have blight here in Clayton is ridiculous."

The block in question is bordered by Forsyth, Hanley and Carondelet. The Centene Corporation's existing building sits here. It is also where the healthcare company would like to expand their corporate headquarters.

The city of Clayton wants to help them do that through tax abatement. The first step would be to declare the area blighted. Clayton Mayor Ben Uchitelle says, "Some of the properties along Forsyth are old and the Library Limited property has been vacant for five years."

The proposal is this: Centene would get a 50% tax abatement for 12 years. They would promise to create 800 new jobs. And they say they would generate $20-million dollars in new property taxes.

Mayor Uchitelle says, "We've heard the argument that this would open the floodgates but we don't think so. We think the effect of this will be to improve properties all around and make other development possible."

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I am assuming this is one of Centene's proposed towers. Centene's current HQs is the small black building directly behind the new tower.


Not a bad looking building, for Clayton anyway. Eight hundred NEW jobs? Is that number realistic?

800 is probably not the number of people centene's hiring, but the total multiplier effect of the new offices on the surrounding area.

^Centene Corporation is a fairly fast growing company. It hit the $1-billion last year by growing 30%. I anticipate it cracking the F1000 in a few years if not sooner. So I am sure that the 800 hires are Centene's and probably would be staggered throughout a period of years.

The "powers that be" in Clayton are giving Centene major problems - some of which I understand. Tax breaks, properties issues, etc.

Nonetheless, Centene is a rapidly growing company and St. Louis City could use the 800 jobs they are proposing for Clayton. Why don't city officials pounce on this like 'white on rice' and offer some incentives for Centene to build downtown?

Centene has done well by donating money to the Centene Center For The Arts in Grand Center, so maybe with the hubbub happening downtown they can be convinced to move to the city.

I hope this is resolved soon. There are too many cities hungry for new jobs and large corporations with money to support community programs.

Good question. Even if Mayor Slay and company are keeping any persuit out of the news, i think that maybe it would be a better idea to publicly and proudly announce that the city is willing to offer incentives if Clayton is not.

But then again, maybe Slay doesn't want to antagonize Clayton, lest they start throwing around incentives and try to lure tenants out of downtown.

JMedwick wrote:
But then again, maybe Slay doesn't want to antagonize Clayton, lest they start throwing around incentives and try to lure tenants out of downtown.

I don't know if that's a big risk. On KWMU's discussion about the Clayton-Richmond Heights merger talks this morning, it was pondered whether Claytonians would be willing to accept Richmond Height's propensity for offering corporate incentives, given Clayton's historic "being in Clayton should be incentive enough" attitude.

That said, the RCGA has gone to great lengths to prevent the member chambers from competing among each other like that, and we're all better off for it.

Arch City wrote:
Why don't city officials pounce on this like 'white on rice' and offer some incentives for Centene to build downtown?


Centene has renderings of "Centene Plaza" in front of their building in Clayton. It will have two twin towers with a smaller building in between the two of them that will connect on the ground level. They look to be about 20-25 stories. Nothing groundbreaking with the design...pretty conservative and boxy like the surrounding buildings.

I think a cylindrical shaped building would be much nicer.

Some serious opposition to their plans.

Group opposed to Centene plan submits second petition

Ryan Heinz

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Citizen Journal


Members of a group called the Clayton Committee to Stop Abuse of Eminent Domain are not letting the city's rejection of a referendum petition Jan. 10 stop them.

The group has once again submitted hundreds of signatures and this time is calling for an initiative to be placed on the April 4 ballot.

"It will challenge the city not to use eminent domain for any purposes other than public works -- never for economic development," said Glenn Jamboretz, a spokesman for the Clayton Committee to Stop Abuse of Eminent Domain.

The group features several property owners along the 7700 block of Forsyth Boulevard who would be affected by a proposed $190 million redevelopment approved in December by the Board of Aldermen.

As part of the approval, the developer has been granted the use of eminent domain if negotiations and mediation do not lead to a deal for a buyout of the existing property owners.

The project's developer is Centene Corp., a company that operates health care plans. Once Centene buys a city-owned garage in February, it will own about 70 percent of the properties in the targeted redevelopment area. The properties along Forsyth Boulevard make up the remaining 30 percent.

Centene wants to build a new company headquarters plus a mixed-use building on Forsyth that would include retail and offices.


http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/neighb ... enDocument

Centenne has run large, color ads in the Sunday Post and in the Business Journal this weekend defending their position. The ads also include renderings of the buildings. Definately not the same design as was posted earlier in this thread. Like UAB Alum said, the buildings are pretty conservative, but not bad. Typical Clayton architecture.

By the way, it sounds to me like they are offering a pretty darn good deal to the existing property owners, so hopefully it won't come to eminant domain.

Centenne already controls all of the property along Hanley and Carondelet (with options) on this block. So, why do they need the full block? It's the owners along Forsyth that will fight this to the bitter end.

There is a model of Centene towers in the corner window of their new location on Hanley & Forsyth.

Also, I read in the Clayton newsletter that they have over 70% of the property aquired but are having trouble with the other 30%. Mentioned Centene is offering 4x market value, offering space in the new towers (for a price), and possibly some kind of equity sharing deal. Sounds like the owners of the buildings Centene wants are just being a pain in the a$$. If true, they are getting offered a great deal. 4x market value!!??!!

Centene Towers.

Maybe my perception might change after seeing a bigger clearer rendering, but they are so bland - conservative. They look like Pierre LaClede Center.


I agree. I'm not impressed with the design. They seem to fit right in with the towers that are surrounding them. They should try something new.

The two towers look mine to me, not to mention they are made of glass which means that everyone on this site will like them :roll:

Anyway, I'm more excited about a fast growing company investing in the area.

That rendering shows the view looking southwest from Forsyth and Hanley with Hanley being along both towers. Much of the property between Forsyth and Carondelet, including everything along Hanley is already under control. Why then does Centenne need the full block, or specifically the western end of their block along Bemiston? This is the area where owners are fighting eminent domain. Yet I have yet to see how Centenne's plans need the full block, instead of just its eastern end along Hanley (as shown in the rendering).

I'd like to see them combine the two towers into one twice as tall. As long as we've got a "second downtown", let's go ahead and build higher!

They look too "Pierre Laclede Center part II". Lame. And I do NOT think they should build any higher than 30 stories. Clayton shouldn't compete with downtown for the tallest building prize.. sorry, just how I feel. I used to think that way, but it really does come at the expense of downtown stl whether people want to believe or not.

Good this is the type of crap Clayton should get

I don't think they look bad. Conservative, yes...but they will look pretty good in the downtown Clayton skyline.