2 South Central (Montgomery Development)

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects within the City of Clayton, the center of St. Louis County government.
roger wyoming II wrote:
I hope the rumors are true that Patagonia and other upscale retail may be going into new spots in the Park Plaza...

Not rumors. I believe Free People is going into the corner at Kingshighway, Patagonia at the current Salon & Spa at the Chase location, with a third business to go in the current service garage. The salon will move upstairs.
Plans were submitted to Clayton for conceptual review. SCB out of Chicago is the architect. http://www.scb.com/ Total job cost for the 31story, 546,000 sq. ft building is between $75 and $100 million.

The building will provide 316 apartments, street level retail, and 361 parking spaces on 9 floors. 39 additional spaces will be below grade. There will be an outdoor terrace on floor 31.

The conceptual renderings can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9es7qi2tbuit ... s.pdf?dl=0

I'll post a few pics below.



^Cool. Thanks Moorlander.

This looks a whole lot like a previous Solomon Cordwell Buenz project: 500 Lake Shore Drive. That project was a bit bigger, with 500 apartments and 11 stories of parking, but the massing, materials, and design in general look very similar.
SCB does good work. 500 lake shore looks almost identical.

In their current space World News occupies about 2,000 sq.ft. The proposed bank space for 2 South Central would be 2,895 sq.ft. I assume they're pretty set on having a bank as a tenant, considering they've incorporated a bank drive-thru in their site plan. Nonetheless, having a shiny new World News in an expanded space sure would be a nice hold-over from old building to new.
I'm still not yet anti-Clayton, but damn it bums me out that they're eating downtown's lunch (in short: yes, I want Clayton to succeed, but it shouldn't be bigger than downtown, that's embarrassing for the city as a whole). Great livable amenities for people that might usually go for a house (bike parking, pet friendly) - I'd definitely strongly consider it even if I really wanted to live in the city.
Looks good, but man, that garage needs some work!
I really like the new rendering. With this, the Crossing, and a possible Centene tower 2, Clayton's skyline will be getting a major overhaul over the next 2 years. Now it's time for some announcements in the city.
I know this isn't a politically reality, but if we could just have the more urban inner ring suburbs merge with the city (this would be separate from the overall re-joining of the county), this wouldn't even be a big deal.

Downtown Clayton could BE the new downtown without all that much consternation. Downtown St. Louis is where it is because the riverfront used to really matter for commerce, and it became the center of the region. Now Clayton is more of that, I suppose, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just quite unfortunate it's not within city limits.

Not going to change, though. Not the city limits part anyways. Hopefully the part about it being the population center and about it outpacing downtown will begin to change.
I wonder if people in Minneapolis constantly complain about St. Paul.
I think the notion of "Twin Cities" is entirely different. There probably does exist a rivalry of sorts, but I'm sure they understand it's a healthy one.

Clayton and St. Louis aren't twin cities. Maybe that's a new perspective to think about, but it's not what they are right now. And thus why the perceptions are what they are.

The success of Clayton is definitely a good thing, though, it's just a shame that the city isn't seeing the same success.
I think the city is seeing success but but it is more scattered over a larger area Clayton also helps Western st Louis city too
STLEnginerd wrote:
I wonder if people in Minneapolis constantly complain about St. Paul.

i would guess the other way around, if anything. Minne seems to get the lion's share of new development. but St. Paul might actually prefer it that way. my impression is that it's the more conservative, NIMBY of the two.
^ the difference is revenue sharing in the Twin Cities, the poorer areas share revenue with the richest places.
Per today's BJ. No construction schedule has been announced. City has not heard from Montgomery since November.
Any update on this?
Ted Wight just posted this image on his blog. Not sure if he knows something we don't or what...

https://stlouisstyleblog.com/instagram/ ... instagram/
^Looks like the same years old renderings as above. Hopefully Montgomery Bank has been doing well, but a few rate increases next year might hopefully spur this project to begin. Would love to see them finally move the HQ to the STL area.
I don't think this project ever officially died per say, it just hasn't moved forward yet.

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