Former McReeTown synagogue rehab!

What's happening in our built environment.
The rehab of the old synagogue at the corner of Blaine & Klemm in McRee Town (ok, fine, "Botanical Heights") is nearing completion, and will soon re-open as MaTovu, an inclusive Jewish neighborhood center/event space that aims to re-establish a progressive Jewish presence in South City. Very cool that the building will not only be put back into functional use, but will also uphold a strong connection to its original purpose.

The building housed Tpheris Israel Synagogue from 1929-1944 according to Zion of the Valley by Walter Ehrlich.

The grand opening for the new (old) space is on October 5th.

Good stuff!
Neat! Sometimes it's all the little stuff that makes a difference.
Hell ya! About time CRC got a Jewish neighbor!!

When I tell people in Israel that I'm from St. Louis they're like "hmmm where's that?". Then I tell them there are 60k Jews and their jaw hits the ground! haha