Landmark FPCC Buildings to Be Destroyed.

What's happening in our built environment.
Dammit, I knew this day would come. Another huge mistake. When will people ever learn? ... hreatened/
That is absolutely disgraceful. And in light of the available underused land surrounding the campus it's criminal. Art theft. Destruction of communal property. Who do we talk to?
Has anyone seen renderings of the proposed new building?
Would it matter? There's plenty of empty land nearby. Renderings could be made to use that.
I personally hate those buildings, not a fan of brutalism or whatever you call that design. There is plenty of land around there though so really no need to demolish them
Based on the article, it sounds like when these buildings are peered down upon from an ivory tower that they are actually rather attractive.
FPCC wants to destroy this building just as Brutalism and Neo-Brutalism is re-gaining respect around the world. ... st-revival ... t-revival/

Sorry for the double post.
As a former DC resident who rode the Metro daily, I simply just don't get the love for his designs. The brutal concrete archways looked dated, they were a pain in the butt to keep cleaned, and it made the entire system feel dark, dirty, and dated. Brutalism might be historic, but it's not a favorite of mine by any means.
I like it and hope it remains.
Renders of the new building. Hate to see the old one go, but at least the new one will make a visual impact. ... es-center/ ... th-center/

Construction (demo?) to start April 1st: ... 7#stream/0

The demolition of windowless, brutalist monoliths for the buildings shown in those renderings is the opposite of a mistake. Brutalism may be "historic," but that is it. I've yet to encounter a brutalist building that feels like it was designed for humans.
^ +1. My sentiments exactly. At least the new buildings (as rendered) retain some of the feel of brutalist architecture, for those that are sad to see the originals go.
trees/vegetation has been cleared and fencing is up.