What's happening in our built environment.
Drove on Chippewa east of Grand today. OMG the brickwork. This might be our next Fox Park (apologies to people for whom this is old news)

Love it! I believe those are close to the building owned by Jason Deem of Cherokee Street fame. Unfortunately that building had an arson fire before he was able to build a restaurant. Really sad. As you point out, this area could be great.
Numbers 4 and 5 look like mirror-images. Another case of Twins Syndrome?
Well Dutchtown is the largest neighborhood in the City of St. Louis and one of the most diverse; it just doesn't have white liberals gentrifying it yet. Definitely a prime candidate for stabilization before we lose any more of the priceless brick buildings.
That's such a prime commercial strip. Dutchtown has a lot of them, unfortunately the businesses just aren't there. The Meramec strip has been decently stabilized but there are still prime storefront spaces just sitting and deteriorating, and most of them are filled with antique stores, making it kind of a one and done for visitors to the neighborhood. Urban Eats is there, but it could definitely use another restaurant or other small businesses between Compton and Grand. 3305 Meramec is a gorgeous building that would make awesome mixed use but it's in rough shape. I've seen bricks fall off of that building onto the sidewalk. There was an RFP for the building, though not sure how long ago. Judging by the state of the building in the images, probably pretty old: https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/d ... %20(1).pdf
Neighborhoods seeing a lot of rehabs now will have to hit saturation before things really take off and developers move on to areas that are more affordable. Shaw is getting expensive as are Botanical Heights and The Grove. McKinley, Fox, BPW, seem to be next in line. Hopefully, that will push things further south and the Metrolink will come to fruition to further fuel investment. (not bad on the alliteration there)

Meramac could be an amazing commercial district.