2301-37 S. KINGSHIGHWAY BLVD ( Hill bank demo) rumors

What's happening in our built environment.
There are rumors that Walgreens wants to tare down the bank and build on the site. Do any of you know if that is true or not?
The bank address 2301-37 S. KINGSHIGHWAY BLVD: Southwest Bank is the historic name. It was the site of a notorious bank robbery in 1953.
where did you hear these rumors?
urban_dilettante wrote:
where did you hear these rumors?

the hills neighborhood Facebook group page someone posted it talking about it but they did nit post any source or hard info.
^ they posted as if it's happening, or as if they wished it would happen? was there any context? can you provide a link?

i'm pretty sure that's in a pres. review district so i wouldn't worry too much about it getting demo'd, but it'd be good to keep an eye on it. it would be awesome if walgreens wanted to move INTO the building instead of wanting to demolish it.
The rumor appeared on the TGS facebook page. Someone said they had an architect friend who had been contacted about design work at the site. That's pretty much all the information that was provided. People have been encouraged to attend the SW Garden Neighborhood meeting

"Let Alderman Steve Conway know how you feel about this at the neighborhood meeting at 7 pm, Monday 7/27, at 5602 Arsenal (St. Louis Activity Center) or email him [email protected]. You could also contact Mayor Slay 314-622-3201."

Anyway, this being St. Louis, I wouldn't say any building is safe from demo...regardless of its classification or what kind of district its located in.
what about the walgreen's at kingshighway and arsenal? are they looking to abandon that location? would they put two stores within half a mile of one another? i'm so f*cking tired of having to worry about f*cking walgreen's, QT, CVS, gas station X, etc. turning the city into a giant parking lot.
This would be a replacement for the Walgreen's @ Kingshighway & Southwest (behind the BP station), which indeed is a 1/2 mile away. There's no reason to think this would effect the Kingshighway & Arsenal location.
Is this not a fully functioning BMO Harris Bank? I was of the understanding that this bank is still open and fairly busy. Is that not the case any longer? If it is still open, that would make this deal a bit more complicated for Walgreens. The store behind the BP is definitely old and not current to Walgreens standards. I have no doubt they are looking to replace it in the area, even though they have another location right up the street at Arsenal and Kingshighway, as well as the one at Chippewa and Kingshighway. As we know, they have no issue building on every corner in town. Hopefully, this is not allowed to happen. That would be a tragedy, as well as a travesty!
DogtownBnR wrote:
As we know, they have no issue building on every corner in town.

'cept downtown.
yes drove by today the bank is still open.
Thanks for the info. I would assume, that unless the bank is planning on relocating or closing, demo for a Walgreens is unlikely.
Didn't they try to pull this on the South Side National Bank building on Grand? They're such a cancer. Why do they do adaptive reuse of buildings in places that aren't here?
^Because other places make them.

And that's exactly what we need to do.
I really, really hope this isn't true.
Weren't they going to put one in at the southeast corner of Fairgrounds Park a number of years ago and the alderman supported it?! Haha. This city needs to stop demolishing it's remaining urban fabric at intersections for suburban garbage. My favorite at chouteau and Jefferson was that demolition helped improve "sight lines". Hahaha. :lol:
I don't know what the status is on any of this at this point since the rumors started in July, but the BP on the corner of Kingshighway and Southwest has a for sale sign out. That seems like the best site for Walgreens if they do indeed want to build a new store on a corner, which is almost always the case with Walgreens.

Addressing the point that Walgreens stores are on nearly every corner, that's true in South City. Go to Downtown or North City and you won't find many. You won't find a CVS at all that I know of. I know both stores are generally blights on the City due to not having an urban form except in rare cases, but it would be nice to have the services they offer in the extremely underserved half of the City.
This station is surrounded by QTs, one up the road near Fyler is going in and the one near 44. This is likely playing a major roll in the closure. I would hope that Walgreens just goes ahead and buys the BP, sparing the buildings across the street.
This proposed demo could be on this month's Preservation Board agenda; I'll post back with an update once the agenda is posted.
OH FFS! Come on St. Louis! If this isn't unanimously denied I will be livid.
:shock: Horrible. City continuing to kill itself with poor policy. There is literally a Walgreens across the street (4925 Southwest Ave.).
That's the only urban corner of that intersection. Everything else is parking lot oriented and not engaging with the sidewalk. I always assumed the bank could come under better management one day and reopen the original front door. Maybe lift the blinds.

Seriously, it is painted now, but the black and white images make it seem like there might be some glazed brick under there on those vertical pilaster like elements.

Randy wrote:
:shock: Horrible. City continuing to kill itself with poor policy. There is literally a Walgreens across the street (4925 Southwest Ave.).

That Walgreens would close.
Is this in a preservation zone? Does that even matter? Never seems to.

I can't imagine many people would want to see this building demolished, I mean it's the entrance to the Hill (or at least that's how I see it). Hopefully there will be a huge fight about this. I can't imagine that corner without this building.

I realize there is an existing store on southwest, but the Arsenal one is a 1/2 mile away from this one...what's the point of even having this one? Angry.....
It is in both a Preservation Review Area and a National Register District (Reber Place).
http://stlcin.missouri.org/citydata/new ... N=36796584
Good. I want to know who the developer is who is trying to get this done. Or is it Walgreens corporate?