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urban_dilettante wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:39 pm
^ i don't know. i think the decline of the CWE in the 60's/70's was probably a symptom of the the general decline/emptying out of the city. i don't think converting mansions to multi-family causes decline, per se. but the reality is that a city can't support successful public transit or small business density on single-family mansion population density. i think such conversions are fairly common in cities like Philadelphia and Boston.
I think Mr. Dilettante has it right. I'd also add that most of the homes in those days that were converted to multifamily were probably converted into boarding houses and other low rent units, further solidifying the decline. That won't be the case today. I'd bet my last dollar the conversions today will be pretty pricey.
^ please. please. Mr. Dilettante was my father. Call me "urban".
LInk to the final agenda for monday. ... 7-2018.pdf
Glad to see this stipulation for the proposed row houses on Geyer in Soulard:

with the condition that brick extend the length of the west facade and with the stipulation that final plans and exterior materials are reviewed and approved by the Cultural Resources Office. ... 2019-2.pdf

preliminary agenda for monday's meeting. Chase Bank project for Delmar makes an appearance.
Glad to see the townhome development on Delmar coming back to life.
Wonder what the end game with that Sidney rehab/demo is. That entire square block could benefit from infill. I mean, such a desolate block fronting a park.

I also think that immediate area has a ton of potential with the warehouses, on both sides of Jefferson/Gravois. Tons of potential, in fact.

Jefferson still has so much potential, even more so if N/S comes to fruition. That gas station and car wash are ripe for redevelopment. God.
The Sidney project is for the Rung headquarters. ... of-st.html
Interesting. Thanks. Couldn't see anything else other than an 18k square foot addition. Wonder where its going. Hopefully theyre not blowing a bunch of space on parking, as they are touting how it will transform an entire block.
Agenda for march with demo request for church on Chouteau ... 2019-2.pdf