Andrew Puzder picked for Labor Secretary

St. Louis references in the news. Oh yeah, don't forget our favorite "Top Lists."
Andrew Puzder, Washu Law grad who brought St. Louis Hardee headquarters and then took it with him to income tax free TN, has been nominated by Trump to be labor secretary. ... 1481210445
He's awful, St. Louisan or not.
And Icahn is another big part of the present Trump team. Who's next, Kroenke? Shall we make it a trifecta of folks who've enjoyed screwing St. Louis over?
ugh and after leading the charge to exit St. Louis, he retires and doesn't even get to enjoy his freedom from state income taxes that motivated his exit. Seriously a Missouri traitor. If Slay and Nixon could have worked him for a few more years they might have actually consolidated here.