St. Louis Economy Growing

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Job growth has “exceeded the national average in St. Louis and has been trending upward,” the Fed said Wednesday in the “Burgundy Book,” its quarterly snapshot of regional economic conditions.

In a separate report Wednesday, the government said the St. Louis metro area added 27,000 jobs in the year ended in August — a 2 percent increase. Jobs nationally were up 1.7 percent.
Keep it up, Saint Louis, keep it up!
argle bargle, the booming jobs, better-than-national-average growth data was all a mirage

Nicklaus: Jobs revision moves St. Louis back to plodder status ... um=twitter
As long as we're not shedding jobs I'm not complaining

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I'll take the 17,000 over the 500 yikes what was up with 2012? As long as we continue to make progress and add jobs then i have no doubt the region can begin to start seeing plus's in the population