St. Louis building boom....

St. Louis references in the news. Oh yeah, don't forget our favorite "Top Lists."
goat314 wrote:
My thoughts on the Pittsburgh is the new Portland phenomenon. I guess Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh must have way better PR campaigns than St. Louis as "comeback cities", because none of these cities is even close to St. Louis in terms of new economic activity per person. What's strange is that I always here people bash St. Louis in comparison to those other towns in terms of new housing, economic development, and dynamism. In reality, St. Louis is somewhat of a Midwestern "tweener", under-performing nationally, but relatively stable and prosperous by Midwestern standards (given that the Midwest is the most stagnant region in America). To me it seems that St. Louis has one foot in the old Rust Belt guard and another foot in the "New Midwest", it will be interesting to see if demographic trends change for the region as we pick up steam.

Saint Louis does need better story-tellers, although I think it is doing better in that regard as confidence seems to be improving of late, but otoh it's not like Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh don't deserve credit for considerable success in redeveloping the core. Detroit's Greater Downtown is insane with activity; it's almost beyond comprehension from where they were in 2010 and what's in planning. And while the relative amount of activity may be more centered in the downtown core, there also is a considerable amount of activity elsewhere, with of course the resurgent auto industry fueling a lot of that. A good iexample is Auburn Hills officials seeing the bright side of the Pistons moving downtown to play in the new arena as this will allow for redevelopment of the Palace site, which is surrounded by auto tech operations.

Anyway, I think it's great that St, Louis appears to be hitting it's own stride after what I think was a bit slow out of the post- Great Recession gate.
I wish I knew more about the efforts St. Louis was making to market itself around the country (I'm sure there's a way, just laziness). While in Ohio recently we saw constant ads for Missouri on TV and there was a large focus on St. Louis. All the cards are here, we have a building boom in conjunction with magnificent historic housing stock. If we can get 1 outspoken well respected person to perpetuate our city as cool, trendy, progressive I have no doubt STL will gain major national attention and attract people for more than just jobs and school.
chriss752 wrote:
I am going to begin paying close attention to the Railway Exchange building, I can see an announcement coming before the new year. I think that building will have office space, residential and another hotel in it with retail at the bottom.

I believe they hoped to close on the deal by end of year... but I would expect it would still take quite some time to begin work. Also, I'm not as convinced they are as solid/experienced as the Dallas/Turkish group looking to take on the Jefferson Arms project. Having them finally get started on a similar project in Cleveland would be encouraging.

edit... it was announced work is planned to start on the Cleveland project by early next year and take about a year. ... d_mor.html

I suppose if they have their act together closing on the Jefferson Arms this year and getting financing/incentives together to begin work as the Cleveland project wraps is in the realm of possibility.