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I didn't know what thread to put the story about Sweetie Pie's opening a location on Beale Street in Memphis, so I thought I'd start this one ... -of-beale/
If true, they snagged an excellent location.

It's next door to the FedEx Forum Arena.

Memphis is pretty crowded with Soul Food restaurants. I wish them the best.

Memphis has great tourism. Beale St., Sun, Stax, the National Civil Rights Museum, Elvis Estate etc.
It's at the eastern edge of the Beale strip. Which I recall as kind of hit or miss. Morgan Freeman opened a satellite of his Clarksdale, MS blues club Ground Zero there a few years ago and it failed within a year or two (it was located in a building that previously housed a satellite of the New Orleans mainstay Pat O'Brien's)

Apparently the location where Sweetie Pie's has signed used to be Have a Nice Day Café and research on the interwebs shows that about 5-6 yrs. ago Ozzie Smith was scouting it out for a branch of his sports bar.

I think Sweetie Pie's should do better there than a club.

It's kind of strange. We have Peabody Hotel coming to STL while we are sending Sweetie Pie's to Memphis.
^The Peabody is still rumor, right? I was thinking a BB King's Blues Club for Sweetie Pie's Trade.