St. Louis in the National Media

St. Louis references in the news. Oh yeah, don't forget our favorite "Top Lists."
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St. Louis' public library computers hacked for ransom ... rary-hack/ ... d=33787928

Great news! We didn't make the list for the worst cities for Rodent and Roach infestation.

Kansas City did make a list. Do they count roaches and rodents in those growing census figures? ( just kidding KCers, no need to get fired up) :lol: I know... Bad joke!
Commercial to be shown during SuperBowl.

Great commercial. No whining, no blaming. Just people stepping up and doing things and taking care of business. Walk down Cherokee Street or most of St. Louis and realize we are still living off their accomplishments and hard work.
2017 Best Catholic High Schools in America - according to Niche.

St. Louis Catholic schools landed a number of schools in the Top 50.


Priory and SLUH in the top 10 nationally.
States most affected by trade war with Mexico
Missouri is on the list: ... ith-mexico
St.Louis is ranked the 65th best city to live in 2017 while our neighbor across the state is ranked 48th and if you guessed Austin 1st you're correct according to forbes .
Are they ranking cities, or metro areas?
Are you thinking the "next biggest boom towns" list? (Which really ought to be called the last biggest boom towns list.) Austin is usually pretty high on the "small white college towns" list that Fortune always puts out. But googling "forbes best cities to live in 2016" pulls up a bunch of lists. And the number one on the first hit? San Fran. No shock there, really. It's a list of best towns for young professionals. (Which might be code for tech geeks.)
National news about the LOU and KC....Good Stuff! ... index.html
^Good stuff!
The gravesites of more than 170 Jews were vandalized at a Jewish cemetery in University City, Mo., sometime over the weekend. And on Monday, the Anti-Defamation League reported a wave of bomb threats directed against Jewish Community Centers in multiple states, the fourth series of such threats since the beginning of the year ... s-country/
courtland wrote:
Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:24 am
National news about the LOU and KC....Good Stuff! ... index.html
Re: Wow... National love for both the Lou & KC

by brewcrew1000 Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:47 am

I was in St.Louis over the weekend. I really do love St.Louis, I know the neighborhoods well and i've toured around a lot. I really don't see St.Louis making a comeback over somewhere like KC and i think the reason has to with heavy industry. St.Louis has tons more heavy industry ripping thru neighborhoods, Heavy industry is all along the Mississippi River all along the highway corridors. Sauget IL , a town that was originally named Monsanto is horrible toxic waste dump of a city that has a right to pollute, and its just across the river from Soulard , A-B Brewery , Downtown. I'm sure people that lived in these areas have had some bad health issues.

Even while visiting Perennial Artisan Ales in South St.Louis/Carondelet, its a very cute and quint neighborhood tucked away in South St.Louis but to get to that place you have to drive past some heavy industry and one of those is Chemical Manufacturer. Why would anyone want to raise a family or live close to a Chemical Manufacturer?

I think this heavy industry is a huge disadvantage for the city and will hurt St.Louis if it wants to lure families back to St.Louis. I just see the future of St.Louis very bleak (unless these huge toxic polluting industries go away and some have started to)compared to KC which doesn't really have heavy industry like St.Louis.
Well, sure, heavy industry may be unsightly, but the jobs (and taxes) they provide sure are nice.
It's certainly an acquired taste. At least the air quality is improved substantially over the good old days.

Me, I've learned to cherish the industrial views our city offers. It amazes me how great the river looks up and down from the Clay (fka Dickmann, aka Poplar St.), chock full of barges and tugs. And though I also like the look of long abandoned factories, these probably truly are albatrosses around our civic neck with respect to how people view St. Louis, and I cheer each and every ones demise (National City,) or even better, reuse, as in the case of the Foundry et al. It's too bad the old ordnance factory couldn't be repurposed. What a cool looking building that was.
Superstore on NBC is set in St. Louis. Last weeks episode included a brief shot of the STL skyline. According to hints in the show they ARE located in the city and according to the image the store is set in far North City. Image
A few other background catches.
A distribution map and a tourism poster of the Botanical Gardens. ImageImage
A few episodes ago on Superstore, they had a shelf stocked with Urban Chestnut beer in the background.
markinlondon wrote:A few episodes ago on Superstore, they had a shelf stocked with Urban Chestnut beer in the background. ... 5555024897
with product placement in the show and a deal with a new distribution company, maybe urban chestnut is looking to expand its market further than I thought. I was thinking that they will expand within the midwest and south, but maybe they have bigger goals.

Here's a screenshot I grabbed last season. Note the city flag in the far left.:D
shadrach wrote:Image

Here's a screenshot I grabbed last season. Note the city flag in the far left.:D
You can also vaguely see the state flag behind that!