Lemp Brewery Swap Meet

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I know this has been mentioned in other posts, but I think it would be more appropriate to put this in the events thread.

This Sunday and I believe Sundays going forward, a swap meet will be held on the grounds of the Lemp Brewery.


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Did anyone by chance attend the swap meet?

Also, our friends up north at Dominium (who are redeveloping the Arcade-Wright) did a recent conversion of the Schmidt Brewery into affordable artists lofts... something like that would be great for Lemp and I hope Dominium continues to do great work here, whatever projects they may choose:


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It was pretty cool. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without (knick-knacks aren't really my thing), but it was well-attended and being in the shadow of the brewery was cool. The only major problem: No beer.
^ well that is an obvious flaw!

were there food trucks and such?
I went a couple of weeks ago. It seems like something that will continue to grow and hopefully be a very cool thing for St. Louis. It's already cool even though I went home without having purchased anything.

Definitely a lot of potential, and it would be awesome if it some how led to more activation of the Lemp buildings.