Mardi Gras

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We've had some cold Mardi Gras, but this year may take the cake. If only it was last Saturday!

When was the last warm one?
I have a rule that i don't go unless its 40+

last 10 mardi gras

2014- High 25 Low 16 March 2nd
2013- High 43 Low 27 Feb 9th
2012- High 46 Low 35 Feb 18th
2011- High 53 Low 43 March 5th
2010- High 37 Low 27 Feb 13th
2009- High 46 Low 26 Feb 21th
2008- High 48 Low 27 Feb 2nd
2007- High 32 Low 21 Feb 17th
2006- High 52 Low 35 Feb 25th
2005- High 57 Low 35 Feb 3rd
I remember attending, I guess in 2005 in shorts and T shrits. Saw a lot of topless women that day.

I recommend gloves and hand warmers.
My general rule is I don't go topless unless it is 55+.
I live in Soulard and while I took part in this past weekend's activities I'll be in NOLA this upcoming weekend. Kind of odd that Sunday's temp for the pet parade which was near 70 degrees could be the warmest Mardi Gras weather I'll experience this year. New Orleans is predicted to be in the 50s and low 60s
When was the year it was like 75 degrees on parade Saturday and a half million people showed up to Soulard?
I'm fairly certain that was about 6 months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans (Aug. 2005), with the huge Soulard crowd coming in Winter of 2006.
I was going to go but not with the temperature being in the 20's. I'm too old for that. Ain't nobody got time...
I loved 2005. Is soulard busy on Friday night, before?