Strong Towns Coming to St. Louis

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Everything is all set to bring Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns to St. Louis. Please come and help spread the word! More details at


Curbside Chat- Two Opportunities to see Chuck Marohn

Oct 7 6:30 pm UMSL JC Penney Conference Center Room 202 – Hosted by Creating Whole Communities

Oct 8 7 pm Washington University Simon Hall Room 1 (May Auditorium) – Hosted by ISSUES Magazine

Transportation in the Next American City

Oct 9 7:30 am Breakfast at the Missouri Athletic Club – Hosted by CMT (Tickets $15 members/$25 non-members) ... ican-city/

Curbside Chat Flyer

Made possible by sponsors ISSUES Magazine, Better Together, CMT, and ULI-STL
The Curbside Chat Trailer

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Here's our flyer. Please pass it around! ... -Flyer.pdf
JC Penney :)
One week to go. I hope you all can make it!
Is there a difference is subject material between the curbside chats and the breakfast?
Yes, the Curbside Chats on Oct 7 and 8 are his boiler-plate talk and the breakfast will focus on transportation. It'll be the presentation that goes along with his new short book, A World Class Transportation System
Hope to see you at UMSL tonight. Starts at 6:30 pm JC Penney Room 202.
quincunx wrote:
Hope to see you at UMSL tonight. Starts at 6:30 pm JC Penney Room 202.

Only if the Cards have a big lead or the game is over by 6:15 (no chance at that one) :)
Would have worked out better had the game been later like last night. Nonetheless we had 20 people.

No excuses for Wednesday night. WUSTL Simon Hall, which is the main business school building facing Forsyth. The talk starts at 7. Get there early for some food.

I was there with my mom. She was pretty intrigued by what he had to say, but thought things could have moved a little faster.