T-REx looks for a new home

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As reported T-REx is looking for a new home -

Looking at Lammert building according to BJ -

http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/blog ... r-new.html

I thought the Lammert building was about 70% full - if that is the case someone would have to move - occupancy may have gone down

Lammert houses Landmarks space on the second floor, A deli, Over Under and AIA on the first - I am not sure if Stolar is still there
Stolar disbanded earlier this year.
Not sure if Landmarks would be bumped if this goes through, but it would be interesting to see if Landmarks could undertake a large capital campaign that would allow it to buy and renovate an historic building downtown that is endangered or otherwise needs some TLC. It would have to be on the small side if it were the primary occupant, but perhaps it could help anchor a larger building if it were thought it could attract multiple tenants w/o too much risk. Anyway, just a thought.
Landmarks invested a decent sum of money in their space in the Lammert around five years ago, IIRC. I'm guessing they would stay put.
The Lammert building is a beauty. I am actually surprised they are looking at such a nice space. Thought they would opt for a lower class building to save costs.
Lammert would be a great spot for T-Rex. It'd also be great to see them take over this mid-century gem:Image
IMO- I don't see this property as a gem, I'm surprised it has lasted this long without being knocked over.
There should he a 10 story plus building there considering the location.
^I agree its not necessarily the best use of that location but its not a bad place for T-REx in the meantime. I expect their new location will last them 5-10 years before they have to expand again at which point St. Louis might have built on every conceivable surface lot and be ready for new 10-15 story towers to replace it. Until then I would think T-REx would make an excellent use of that space.
The Trex board, over the last 12 months, looked at every building downtown with at least 100,000 sq ft in available space for sale or lease. Once Trex has a building they will be able to apply for both state and federal incubator tax credits to begin to make it a state of the art technology facility for St. Louis great young startups. It should provide a great platform for many exciting companies. I am hopeful that we will grow out of it within the next few years and will have to build on the parking lot behind it or buy/lease a building near buy. But, let's not get a head of ourselves. ;=)
I hear that T-Rex peeps may be able to start working in the Lammert around March 2014. We'll see.

Also, a Friends of T-Rex group is forming to focus on fundraising efforts. More info here: http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/blog ... t-rex.html
Shouldn't this be merged with the STL Technology thread?
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Shouldn't this be merged with the STL Technology thread?

Should all T-Rex convo be placed in one technology thread? Maybe St. Louis technology it should have its own forum. There's a lot to be excited about.
^I think..........yes.

I think tech news is only going to get better for St. Louis in the upcoming months.

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Info on T-Rex from Crain's St. Louis:

http://stlouis.crains.com/article/news/ ... ne?ito=792