St Louis Transit Maps on Apple Maps

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Those of you with Iphones, on the maps App there is a Transit setting which shows the transit routes for various cities, primarily rail transit. The only city with a light rail system not included is of course, us. Even Kansas City has it. Anyone have any info why we don't?
Be a good question to ask Metro on twitter. My guess is there is a hold up between them
Not true. There are plenty of cities that aren't supported yet. Off the top of my head I know that Minneapolis, Houston, Cleveland, Cincinnati (streetcar), New Orleans (streetcar system), and Memphis (trolly system) aren't available either. St. Louis is far from the only light rail city not on Apple Maps yet.
Thus is something that was odd to me as well. After reading into it, Apple is dedicating a huge amount of resources into perfecting the transit portion of maps. They include timetables and every bus line. That being said, they release new cities with every update. I bet it'd be safe to assume they're working on ours.

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