Is Square Worth What They're Being Given?

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addxb2 wrote: While I love the investment downtown, North Tucker isn't nearly as MetroLink accessible. Wish it could be ATT or RX.
bwcrow1s wrote:Wholeheartedly agree.^
I agree as well. Any more central and transit adjacent location would be welcome over the P-D building. For that matter I'd love to see Square continue its role as a major anchor to Cortex over it moving to the P-D.

It seems either way we'll be hearing about plans soon enough.
^ disagree on cortex over downtown for square; cortex will be fine and in the short-term even have a bit if benefit of freeing up tight office space, but a move to downtown for a company like square will be a big boost to our struggling primary cbd. We need to put the "b" back in cbd.