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Google Fiber Was Doomed From the Start ... .rhxzu4r91
Well this doesn't sound good:

Funding for local tech startups down 80% ... wn-80.html
^ Agree, doesn't sound good but from a capital/market perspective I see it as a cycle where at least some of the existing start ups have to find a means or return on investment for the another round/uptick In funding. At some point funds are not unlimited for everyone who reaches out with hand promising the next big thing. Especially if your business model for all intents and purposes begins with gladly pay you tomorrow for two hamburgers today.

To me, what I think matters for St Louis area is continue to build the Institutional funded District's (financially and global networks) such as CORTEX and Plant Science while finding ways for the Nestlé's of the world to move IT operations to the area. In this case, I would say a bigger worry is possibly pull back by Feds in health across the board, whether it be Medicaid to NIH.
You do have this though. So maybe some money is just moving where they are investing.

St. Louis biotech startups increase funding 87 percent ... ng-87.html
W.T.F.? so biotech isn't tech? these a-holes need to be more specific when they write sh*t like this.
Isn't this skewed because of the huge Answers financing?

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