The Departed: Why baseball's Browns aren't hated for ditching St. Louis

Got love for St. Louis sports? Let's talk Pro, College, High School, or otherwise.
ESPN is doing a fun article series on departed teams and the cities that they left, unfortunately inspired by the Rams' departure. I enjoyed this article about the Browns.

Unlike the Rams, the Browns never won a championship. But the Browns had a spirit that leaves them remembered fondly by the city they left behind.

"It's one thing just to suck and to fail," Costas said. "It's another to fail colorfully, nobly and unforgettably -- which brings up the question: Did they really fail? Here we are [talking about it] 60 years later. ... Their place in history exceeds their accomplishments about 10 times over."
Not only did they do things to generate fan interest like insert Eddie Gaedel and Pete Gray into the line-up, but they also left a market that had a team to fill the void. They had a good reason to leave, being that the Cardinals were much more successful and in the limelight. They could not compete. The way the Rams were relocated was full of deception and overall a rigged, unfair process, that cost STL $16 million up front and the balance of the Dome payments. We all know that story. It was very different from even Bill Bidwell's story. The Browns to me did not leave STL with a bad taste in our mouths. It would have been really cool to be a large enough city to support 2 teams. I often dream of seeing the City of St. Louis at it's peak, street cars galore, 2 baseball teams, hundreds of thousands of people living within the City limits. If we could only live in that era for a day!
It would be cool to live in that era for a day. I sometimes think it would be cool to live in another era period, perhaps a simpler time without all of the current distractions of modern day life. And then I remember all of the things we have today that we take for granted. Like penicillin.

Yes, today is a marvelous time to be alive.
^And air conditioning.
^And running water.

My father in law was born in the early 50's and didn't have running water until he was 14!
Penicillin is kind of a make it or break it for me. Had scarlet fever as a kid. Antibiotics. Vaccines. Now if only I can get a brain transplant I'll be set.