NFL Fans in St. Louis?

Got love for St. Louis sports? Let's talk Pro, College, High School, or otherwise.

What best describes your plans for the NFL season?

I gave up on the NFL after what they did to St. Louis.
I'll watch some NFL but won't really be rooting for any specific team.
I plan to root for the Chiefs.
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I plan to root for the Arizona Cardinals.
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I plan to root for another team.
I plan to still root for the Rams.
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I've never been an NFL fan.

I gotta say, despite what lying Stan Kroenke and the NFL did to St. Louis, I'm still kinda looking forward to the NFL season starting. However, I'm not sure how it's gonna be without the Rams. I'm not even sure who I'm gonna be rooting for.

Rooting for the Chiefs doesn't feel right. I mean, I've never identified with them. I grew up in STL in the 80's as a Big Red fan, I gotta say, when I see them play these days I still identify with them. That said, and despite everything that happened, I'm still curious to follow the Rams a little bit. Not that I would say I plan to be a fan or root for them, though... I'm curious how other fans (or past fans) are feeling.
I will watch some important games causally. I will not watch religiously. I do not do fantasy. I do not think STL should support ANY team. Most of them voted against STL keeping the Rams, including KC, Indy, CHI, JAX, AZ and all of the teams trying to get fans in STL. The Rams being owned by ANY Kroenke, makes it impossible for me to root for the Rams. Once StanK croaks, his son will take over.
It is an insult that teams from other markets come in hear trying to get fans. I heard that it was Carolina and maybe Houston, that voted against the Rams move. Both of those owners wanted the Carson project. So in reality, no owner cared about STL. They only care about which deal made them more money. Again, I'll watch the interesting games and I can't hold the players accountable for the greedy actions of owners, but supporting the cartel is not something I will do. The NFL cartel can take their product and shove it!
I'll be following the Rams just as closely as I used to; except now I'll be rooting against them. I'll watch every game and cheer every fumble, every missed tackle, every injury, no matter what team their playing. I'll do this for a few years (like I did when the Cardinals moved), and eventually I'll get over it and move on. In the mean time, it's kind of fun to be an "anti fan".
framer wrote:
every injury

Seems a bit aggressive. The players didn't choose to move the team to LA.
Once they left anger was understandable, but with the season starting it's best to take the fantasy football approach - root for the players not the teams. That or choose a new one. I'm thinking of keeping Missouri loyalty and rooting chefs but I'm not set in stone. We will see.

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ricke002 wrote:
framer wrote:
every injury

Seems a bit aggressive. The players didn't choose to move the team to LA.

You're right, of course.
I like framers plan. Rooting against the Kroenke owned Rams is more fun than rooting for ANY team, especially KC. My friends out there laughed at STL when we lost our team. Bob Fescoe (hack radio jock) ripped the 'dump' St. Louis and laughed as we had our Rams ripped from us, while touting how great KC is. I have ZERO desire to support the Chiefs or any cartel team, as mentioned.

Now, if we got an expansion team, with a St. Louis loyal ownership group, I might change my mind. We will not get the Cleveland Browns deal though. Goodell and his cronies just looked at STL as the collateral damage, on their way to reaching their ever-increasing financial goals.

It really is amazing how many opportunities STL has had to keep the NFL. So many blunders by politicians, bad owners, bad teams and bad decisions.
If only they would have given Bidwell his stadium, worked out their differences to get the Stallions deal done, not given the Rams that sweetheart on... used Marshall Faulk in SB 36...etc...etc.. It is amazing, all of the forces that killed NFL Football in STL over the decades. As much as I hate the owners, I sure wish we had a team. It is starting to set in about now... we are supposed to be getting excited about the upcoming season.
If only Mizzou would not have fallen so fast. That would keep me occupied. That campus needs to get its act together, so we STL football fans have something, anything..... Rant over.....
^agree 100% on all points. I feel like we'll never get a team again.
I may soften my NFL-hated when Goodell goes away.

I wish SLU still had a team.
They, and St. Louis to a point, played a huge part of football history, making the game as exciting as it is today.
How anyone can remain a fan of the NFL and the Rams with the potshots they continue to take at St. Louis and fans is beyond me. I watched my last game January 3rd, 2016.

On the brightside the NFL won't be around in a generation. Not when 67% of the league is made up of 6% of the population and the NFL can't keep pace with what athletes can earn over a career in Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. The average NFL career is 3 years and there's no place (other than the CFL) to continue playing afterwards.You're out of the league by 25 just as you're entering your athletic prime. Meanwhile Steph Marbury has a statue in China. Ichiro is still playing baseball at 42, and you can play soccer anywhere in the world. The NFL is far and away the #1 league in revenue and it still isn't enough. It's like renewables vs fossil fuels, in a generation that 6% is going to crossover.

Baseball could be the biggest beneficiary if only they can level the playing field in the costs it takes to develop talent. We need more guys like Ryan Howard opening baseball academies. The Cardinals can do a lot more.The NBA is already has the best Black American basketball talent (bring back the Spirits). And while MLS will continue to be a feeder league for at least another generation, they do have room for talent and growth.

Anyway, I think the NFL's days are numbered. Thursday night games, international games, screwing cities, expanding playoffs, just as Mark Cuban said would happen, they're getting hoggy.
The NFL is dead to me and I'm not turning back to it ever! It wasn't what they did to Saint.Louis it was how they treated Saint.Louis and its citizens and as far as Rams they can sink in the ocean along with L.A.
As long as I'm alive i'll never support anything of Kansas City the city that should be in Kansas but somehow found its way into Missouri..
Whenever i visit Kansas City they always seem to have there heads far up their butts like they are better than everyone in the state.
I may sound bitter but I'm a loyal to Saint.Louis no matter and if that team doesn't say Saint.Louis then I'm not supporting it so my teams will be Cardinals and Blues and FCSTL until we get a MLS team if that to come to fruition..
Yeah, the NFL sucks, and they screwed us royally, but I love the game of football and will continue to watch. It won't be as exciting without the emotional attachment, but I can still appreciate watching the game played at it's highest level.
This is a dark night of the soul for me. I promptly divorced the NFL the day the Rams left. But I do love football. Though sworn off the NFL, the debacle at Mizzou has me just as soured as well. Normally I was equally excited about Mizzou as the NFL. No more. The baby's totally out with the bath water. I might find myself watching games at Lindenwood, McKendree or cheering on some random drawing like Rutgers or Utah State. Or not.

Me no know.
Eat the rich.
i grew up in the gap years, then rams. very little attachment to the NFL.

i also always felt like rams fans tilted outer suburban and i just dont recall the support from them in the city like there is for cardinals and blues. maybe im wrong.

i could see myself eventually passively rooting for a team like the ravens or something, i dont know. every other midwestern nfl team is annoying to me. ... 1dae3.html

Just another reason to tell the NFL to take their product and shove it!
No self-respecting St. Louis resident should support anything NFL. I despise the NFL cartel and it's front-man Roger Goodell.
shadrach wrote:
I feel like we'll never get a team again.
I may soften my NFL-hated when Goodell goes away.

Yeah, I'm kinda there. I can't say I'll never watch another NFL game - I've really enjoyed having even bad football in town - but I've no interest in supporting an organization that burned every possible bridge on the way out of town and continues to fire flaming arrows at the charred remains of those bridges even today.

If the NFL wants back into St. Louis, fine. I'll listen, and if it's a halfway reasonable deal to make amends for leaving town last year I'm more than open to rooting for a new home team. But I'm under no delusion that there'll be any real effort to do so in the next couple of decades (if at all), and if there is I've no desire to bend over backwards and hand them fistloads of money to plop another team here for a bit.