NHL Winter Classic 2017

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DogtownBnR wrote:
There's never been a "winter classic" played on any day but New Year's Day.

False, as I mentioned. I think it was 2012 with the Pit/Philly game, which also happened to have 1/1 fall on a Sunday, so the NHL moved the game to Monday, 1/2. Still happened, world still turned, game was still great and everyone was happy, except for one person in STL who didn't get to see their "traditional" game on 1/1.
Very excited about this (though I wish it was any team BUT the Blackhawks -- they've been in, what, four or five outdoor games already?) More excited because hopefully it brings this closer to fruition:


Union Station would make for a great fan zone, complete with this outdoor rink under the historic trainshed. Though I'm sure the Cardinals will want it in and around the disappointing Ballpark Village...
^^You are right, 2012, was the exception. 2013

Also of note, the 2012 game was not preceded by the Centennial Classic. It was the showcase game.
Blues/Hawks will be the 2nd outdoor game in 2 days.

Just saying, I would prefer waking up NYD, to watch the Winter Classic in STL. End of discussion. :P
CarexCurator wrote:
Looks like the Cardinals have taken the Rams departure somewhat seriously. They're hosting the Blues at Busch Stadium and supposedly selling Memphis in order to invest in local MLS. I'm sure it is good for business too. I can't imagine how powerful a unified pro-sports group could be in future city hall negotiations, but they could do amazing things. Why not a Blues museum in ballpark village too? They could do great things for the Clark Avenue experience.

Curious if you have any links to this connection. I know I speculated that this may be the case, but I have yet to come across any documentation linking the two directly.
Im elated the winter classic is coming to St.Louis this could have very well gone to Pitt and Philly either way looks like the NHL is dedicating all the special events to the original expansion 6 teams well whats left of them.
Im not going to say St.Louis is more deserving than the others however out of those 6 cities St.Louis has gone through the most hardship
The winter classic is the original big outdoor game and is only the 9th of its kind so we're very fortunate.
The centennial game in Toronto is in commemoration of the NHL's 100th anniversary which is incredible.
I'm happy that the game is going to be against the hawks whether we like it or not it should be a good classic game and i can't wait to see the winter classic blues jersey.
Im definitely going to try and make it to the game..
In all this makes me happy that the NHL really thought about St.Louis at least we do know they care.
Sold out fast.
Sixty degrees and rain for the Winter Classic? Say it ain't so!
What an awesome day for St Louis! Great exposure for the city!

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Looked great on TV, even with the fog. Couldn't have asked for it to go any better!

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While it wouldn't be as exciting and not nationally broadcast, I think it would be really cool to have each team (except the southerners) have one outdoor home ice a season around the holidays. Would love an annual rivalry home and home series against the Blackhawks in the future (with high-speed rail, or course).
^The set up costs and logistics are pretty insane for an outdoor game. The chillers are very expensive and complex to use, and the ice quality would be extremely hard to keep consistent. The NHL uses a production company, BaAM, out of Toronto to help plan and produce the Winter Classic and all the outdoor series. BaAM makes an extremely complex and insane task look easy (to their credit... they do amazing work with large special events).
^ dream killer! have you heard costs to make it happen? I believe they also needed to things such as upgrade/winterize locker-room plumbing, etc as well.
Locker rooms aren't an issue per se, unless you planned on more than a game or two to take place. And I don't believe that a ton of plumbing inside the stadium is necessarily an issue either as most of it is inside or within areas that could be covered for winter use. As for costs, I have some rough estimates but nothing concrete. Keep in mind that the Winter Classic is an NHL event that NHL Special Events plans and runs (and pays for). The Blues are the host participant and get to be a part of the planning process, but the NHL is the real driving force. It's pretty much the same idea behind any team that hosts an All-Star Game, World Series, Super Bowl, etc... League is in charge and the local team just supports the process.
I think that would have an effect of drastically oversaturizing the market with outdoor games. Even 3 a year is starting to get old as the Stadium Series takes away from the Winter Classic. The NHL really has something to be proud of with this event, and I think they need tk emphasize it more by getting rid of all the other outdoor games.

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^Yup. There should be only one game per year.